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  1. soulhaven

    chopin server issue

    Hi, I posted this question in a related thread, but it seems that people only reply to new threads... QUOTE I thought that I would post here, since I have the same problem. I am on server chopin, username quietlyc. However, since the server move, I have had on and off issues seeing my...
  2. soulhaven

    Website down?

    I do apologize if there is already a thread for this, but I couldn't spot it. I cannot visit or edit my website at the moment. It comes up (in very big type): Error establishing a database connection. I noticed it the other day, but thought it might have just been a one-day thing. But it seems...
  3. soulhaven

    Hello World!

    Hi everybody. I signed up with x10 Hosting last week and I am loving it! It is so nice to find such a clean and easy free web-hosting site. If all goes well, I look forward to upgrading my membership one day. Am loving the website builder - it frees me up to work on my content! Yay!