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  1. Jordie92

    Anyone ever been to ....

    ...The Northern part of Crete? I have just come back from Rythemnon And I loved it there. I would recommend it to anyone. Anyone been to Crete in General? Let me know.
  2. Jordie92

    2O16 Olympics!

    Tokyo. Just for the simple fact it sounds like an awesome place to hold the olympics. And see how much they differ from the Chinese.
  3. Jordie92

    World's Worst Web Designs

    Man they cracked me up big time. Especially the hospital one O.o Thats enough to give someone an fit.
  4. Jordie92

    Apache HTTP

    Ok. Thats fair enough. Thanks for the help.
  5. Jordie92

    Apache HTTP

    Im still seeing problems with the Apache. Its been down for about 20 mins now
  6. Jordie92

    Selling photographs....good idea?

    I was thinking about doing that formy photography site. However I havnt fully thought it through yet.
  7. Jordie92

    Apache HTTP

    Hi. I have been noticing some frequent down time with the Apache HTTP. Whether its just me or everyone, its begging to happen quite alot. First it was only once every few hours. But I have just seen it go down to 20 minutes. This time its stayed offline for a while. Thanks in advance Jordie
  8. Jordie92

    Site "failing to connect"

    Hi. My site is failing to connect. However I can access the CP etc.. the site is No worrys. I guess the server was having a funny five minutes.
  9. Jordie92


    Thanks guys =] And I hope to know all of you a bit better.
  10. Jordie92


    Hey Im Jordie. Found this hosting for my up and coming photography site. And this hosting sounds pretty good. Better than any other hosting I have used previously. So hey everyone!!