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  1. satyadeep.1991

    Could not connect to database on chopin

    My wordpress blog hosted on chopin server says it cannot connect to the mysql database. Please fix it ASAP
  2. satyadeep.1991

    Chopin giving database error

    My wordpress blog on chopin server is giving a database error. Is it only me or please look into it.
  3. satyadeep.1991

    Account Suspended! Says shell scripts when i dont have any :(

    I am trying to restore my blog from a old backup .zip file (6 MB) when suddenly it stopped. I checked my account then only to find that its suspended due to shell scripts which I don't have any. I am just running a wordpress blog. Please unsuspend my account
  4. satyadeep.1991

    Owner of some folders have become 0 in FTP - admin please change it

    The owner of the folders in the /public_html has become 0 when i created a addon domain. Here is the screenshot Please change the owner of all my files and folders to satys so that they are accessible via ftp.
  5. satyadeep.1991

    Default Web Site Page for addon domain

    I have tried flushing the cache as mentioned in previous threads and also tried the site from proxy site, my addon domain is giving Default Web site Page of cpanel. I have waited for more than 24 hrs and even tried removing the addon domain from cpanel and tried adding it again...
  6. satyadeep.1991

    500 Internal server error - chopin

    the main domain is opening well but when i try a internal folder its giving me this error. Same thing happened with default domain also ---------- Post added at 06:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:58 AM ---------- Any updates on...
  7. satyadeep.1991

    CHOPIN - no files other than cgi-bin

    When i use my x10 domain. I see index of /cgi-bin files and nothing else. Same thing through ftp. When i try my parked domain this redirects to default webpage of cgi bin But I am able to login to cpanel
  8. satyadeep.1991

    apache on chopin is down?

    I am unable to access my site on chopin from past few hours. But I am able to login to cpanel. ---------- Post added at 05:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:48 AM ---------- Any updates?
  9. satyadeep.1991

    apache on chopin is down?

    i am able to access the cpanel. but my site is not opening in browser. server: chopin
  10. satyadeep.1991

    OAuth Package in PHP

    Does the x10hosting servers support OAuth Package of PHP. >> I need it because I have to do a testing of an API. Thanks.
  11. satyadeep.1991

    parked domain not being mapped

    i have a domain and pointed it to nameservers of x10hosting. And i have also added it in the list of x10's parked domain. But the domain is automatically redirected to home page instead of my site.
  12. satyadeep.1991

    :2082 and 2083 blocked-any other way?

    i am under a proxy server and it blocking ports 2082 and 2083. is there any way to access the control panel with a direct link is also not working
  13. satyadeep.1991

    Chopin not working

    my server is chopin domain : it is showing a x10hosting 404 page not found message i am unable to login to control panel and ftp server.
  14. satyadeep.1991 subdomain

    how do i register subdomain forexample -