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  1. thebrainbox

    Sign in Successful ~ , but does not proceed.

    When I log in, the message "Sign in Successful ~ Please standby while transfer you to your web hosting account. ~ Initializing.." appears, but does not proceed.
  2. thebrainbox

    FrontPage Extensions

    Dear x10Hosting, have you made a decision if you are going to support FrontPage Extensions? I can see that the poll looks only soso… however, I am not in a position right now to switch over and redo my webpage. Kindest Regards...Thanx EV 2010-09-10.
  3. thebrainbox

    Cannot upload to

    The Brainbox has a hitcounter. I noticed that as long as the hitcounter increments, I can upload updates to my website. The hitcounter has been stuck since June 8th approx. and indeed I am unable to upload: error = the server cannot complete request.... Is there something I need to do to restart...