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  1. bdbod1

    Submitting Your site to Search Engines

    If you've a web-based business concern or if a significant portion of your business is done on the web through your website, then the better advertisement and marketing is done by submitting to a search engine. No amount of press release, newspaper or radio ad, banner ad, spam email or...
  2. bdbod1

    Send mail limit & smtp

    I know free hostings has only 100 mail/hour send mail limit. i want to know, can i use a mass mailing softwere (which send only 75 mail/hour 24 hours) or Can I use a mass mailing softwere with smtp which send limit is 600 mail/hour. Thanks,
  3. bdbod1

    PhpList - A mailing list manager.

    phplist is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. I am using phplist last 6 month. This is a awesome script. If anyone need help to configure it, I can help.
  4. bdbod1

    Review my site

    Dear mates, How is going? I am from Bangladesh. Recently developing a site with wordpress base on Stock Lot Bangladesh. Stock Lot Bangladesh I need web masters review to more developing though it is make place in top ten in google search with stocklot bangladesh. I am newbie. I appreciate...