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    Search Bar Help

    Okay, I'm having some trouble with my search bar. Currently, I have a search bar built into my header (see below) The bar works fine, but when you enter a query only the URL in the address bar changes. I want the bar to open up a new page showing the results (just like if you type...
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    Comment box: Answer!!!

    Okay, look; here's a simple way to get a comment box. Go to Customize the box using to tools provided Generate the code Copy/Paste into your file Done! This is an easy way to get a commenting box without having to process a new database. Also, if you own a...
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    How to get Joomla?

    Look, I can't figure out how to get Joomla to run on cPanel. Even though I uploaded the .zip file it doesn't work. Yes, I may sound like an idiot. But any help?
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    How to get members on the same database?

    I have several different apps that make you sign up for them. How can I merge the members database into one so that they can log in to both without having to sign up again?:confused:
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    How to make Softaculous apps blend with temlate?

    OKay, so I have a custom made template to go with my site. It's working fine. I just need to know how I can make the apps blend in with my template. (I have the blog, forums, wiki, and podcasts). I tried taking my CSS document and using it for the blog, but none of the colors showed up...