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    Left and right mixed up

    same problem.
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    Welcome to the community.
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    Email not working

    I run a wordpress site that requires users to register and receive an email. I have an email registered to the domain, but it's not functional. I've logged on it, and used to the provided app (roundcube) to send an email to my perosnal gmail, hotmail, yahoo account. None got the email but on...
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    new girl

    Welcome to the forum, you'll find that you'll stay longer than you thought!
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    php mail()

    attempting to create the same thing here, but having difficulty doing so. any help is appreciated
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    Apple iPhone 4S

    Finally.... Iphone 4s, steve jobs death = viral marketing?
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    Osama Bin Laden is dead!

    I really hope this is true...
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    Love the Hosting Hate the Suspensions.

    I agree, but i'm willing to account for that for free hosting.