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    Flash photo gallery help

    Have a "premade" photo gallery (raw swf) with thumb nails that open to a bigger viewing picture and information of that picture when the thumb is clicked, there's 24 thumbs but only 8 are workable, meaning only 8 of the 24 thumb slots are different and can only access 8 different pics and...
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    "The connection has timed out"

    Greetings, The web site is not loading, when trying to access the site the page reads "The connection has timed out" and additional wording "The server at is taking too long to respond". Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sending email contact form from flash using PHP

    Greetings, Scenario: Contact form with name: email: and message box input already created in flash but trying to script it to mail via php mail function to an existing email address and return to an Thank you area/page. Tried a few tutorials but unable to get the form to work. Any...
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    Went through hell trying to register for an paid account

    Just tried to registered for an paid account and it was like pulling teeth, I genuinely didn't get it, the security process is indeed appreciated but needs to be monitored better and detailed more clearly. Needless to say I've since went elsewhere for my paid hosting which is sad, being an loyal...
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    web site page error

    Hello, When trying to access this page ( ) via the website this message appears: "Fatal Error: Contact system administrator", it started shortly after the transfer, not sure if it's related to the transfer or not. Any help or advice would...
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    Windows xp sp3 won't load

    Hello, Running Windows XP3 using Internet Explorer 8 (rencently upgraded to 8) on an Toshiba A215 laptop. Problem; I upgraded Windows Media and the very next day when trying to log on the Operating system (Windows XP SP3) would'nt load at all, tried system restore and restored it to a earlier...
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    Can't send email via squirrelmail interface

    Hello, Can't send mail via Cpanel through squirrelmail, I continue to get this statement "ERROR: Message not sent. Server replied: Connection timed out 110 Can't open SMTP stream". Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Installing Win xp on an Toshiba Laptop a215 s7444

    Trying to install win xp on a Toshiba Laptop a215 s7444, The laptop has no operating system on it at all (it was deleted), and no recovery disk to reinstall the preinstalled os. When trying to install win xp from an cd (the system boots from the disk drive) the system reads "no hard drive" and...