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    Keyword Research Tool Without Monthly Fees.

    Ah... Thank you for your comments, however it depends on the individual, there are many fancy tools out there but it all depends on how you use it. Btw, I also forget to add... Some of those tools that you use out there are getting keywords from sources like wordtracker, depending on the...
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    Keyword Research Tool Without Monthly Fees.

    Hi, I am offering a great tool for keyword research. If you doing your SEO on your own this tool will help you spice things up, I can't say too much good things about this tool. You've got to see it for yourself. You can get your full list of long tail keywords in virtually mins. If...
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    GoDaddy Coupon Codes for July 2009

    Wow! This is Sweat! Thanks a lot!
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    Anyone ever use Mambo?

    I agree with Picard1595, Joomla is much better, in the past Mambo is the same as the older versions Joomla untill they decided to divorce each other. Now joomla has so many plugins and templates, and the good thing is they are free.
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    How can I secure my website?

    Hi Guys, I want to thank you all for your replies. There is one other thing that the hacker is able to do... they hacked my sites on another host too. I think they might have hijacked the passwords that is stored on my computer or something, my account on lunarpages is also hacked. It's really...
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    Account has been Hacked and Files Deleted from server.

    Hi Dudes, It has been a very depressing week as my website has been hacked and apparently they have deleted all my files from the server. I not sure how I can avoid or prevent this in the future, so I want to seek some advice from everyone here on x10hosting forums. I really would appreciate...
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    Unlimited Banner Advertising @ 100-150 credits!

    Hi, I want to get a text link, how do I do it?
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    Advertising for Sale

    Hi, Can you tell me more about the hits and points? Are you selling them for money or exchanging it for something else? Regards,
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    How can I secure my website?

    Hi Guys, Recently there are some fu*king hackers hacked into my sites, in fact all of them are down now... I don't really know what I have did wrong, perhaps I didn't have very good security measures. The hackers deleted all the necessary files to run my website, all my scripts and folders...
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    Addon Domain Problem

    I have just submitted a ticket to x10hosting team. Let's see what they reply. Thanks! Edit: I've got a reply from the administrators from x10hosting, and the problem has been resolved. Nice... now i can work on my site. :) Cheers!
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    Addon Domain Problem

    Hi Garret, The strange thing is that when i add it to other host it works, but when i try adding it to x10 hosting it just prompts me that error, perhaps there is some records that needs to be deleted. Just that i don't know how... cheers, kent
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    Can I use a email?

    Yes you can, just park or addon your to your hosting account, go to your account hosting panel and create the email account under your domain name. If you choose to use other free email hosting services like Google Apps or Live Mail you need to edit your MX entries in your hosting...
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    Addon Domain Problem

    Dear Admins, I am having problem creating an add on domain on my hosting account, when I try to create the add on, I will get the following error... -There was a problem creating the parked domain. Show Details -Error from park wrapper: is owned by another user. I...
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    Corey Got married!!

    I know this is kinda late, but hey, CONGRATULATIONS COREY! - Kent