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  1. dwd2000

    Free hosting with my own domain name

    I've been a member here since 2008, but haven't had a site here for quite a while. Is it still possible to have my domain point to a free account?
  2. dwd2000

    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    To be more specific, I'd like to display a list of games in an arcade script to show as two columns, rather than the single column it's in now. Each row in the existing table has: game icon | linked name/description/high scores link | personal best score | champ's score For argument sake, I'm...
  3. dwd2000

    Age Range

    I had this one on before, but I guess it was pruned.
  4. dwd2000

    I got bored. Please look.

    I still have to figure out the proper text colours. I could also use some more good links in some categories. Ideas on both are welcomed. :dunno:
  5. dwd2000

    Website Categories needed

    I am adding some "website promotion" scripts to one of my websites and need some ideas for adding categories. As a reward, (sort of) I will add your site(s) to the category/categories. A return link would be nice, but I won't force it because I need the ideas. The website is...
  6. dwd2000

    Error pages - send me info (read further for clarification)

    Note: I'm a paying customer, so yes, I can edit my error pages. Scenario: Someone happens to land on an error page, for whatever reason. I would like the info automatically sent to me without the user knowing. cPanel has the codes already available to insert into the error pages, but I would...
  7. dwd2000

    UBUNTU 8.04 - Information/Experiences

    One of the four computers in our household (my kids') was using a "borrowed" copy of Windows XP. With the apparent crackdown on such copies, combined with the fact I didn't want to spend money to buy my own copy, I decided to take someone's advice (from here) and looked into Ubuntu. The computer...
  8. dwd2000

    Script needed for trivia site

  9. dwd2000

    Third time is a charm...I hope

    For those of you who have reviewed my site before (and still remember), the frames are gone, the blue is gone, and many other things have been completely overhauled. There is now a "Games" section, with over 40 games. (more to come later) I have added a few skins to my phpbb forums, as well as...
  10. dwd2000

    Poll for "Success of a Website"

    I was too late adding the poll - SORRY. There are many ways to measure the success of a website. Some people measure by the income it provides, while some may measure by how many visitors it attracts. Maybe it's just the pride of doing something you never thought you could do, or the fact your...
  11. dwd2000

    How do you measure the success of a website?

    There are many ways to measure the success of a website. Some people measure by the income it provides, while some may measure by how many visitors it attracts. Maybe it's just the pride of doing something you never thought you could do, or the fact your peers like what you have done.
  12. dwd2000

    Simple site needs comments and input

    It's just a simple links site for people who want to learn web design. If you know of a site, please submit it. If you like it, please add a link to it on your site. The existing links are from searching the web. I just added them to populate it a bit, although some I actually use. If you can...
  13. dwd2000

    Redesigned - more input please

    Yes, there's a title page. Yes, I'm using frames. It's a Classmates/Facebook type site, but without the junk, and it's 100% free. I'm using Profile Manager 3 with phpbb3. (Noah's Classifieds will be added soon) For those of you who have been there before, let me know if I have improved it any...
  14. dwd2000

    This might help These are 2 sites I found that list affiliate programs.
  15. dwd2000

    Would you use a web ring or banner/text link exchange to help generate traffic?

    I have just started a web ring. (more info in the "Link Exchange" section) Would you use one? Why? Why not?
  16. dwd2000

    We all need traffic. I think I came up with a solution.

    A web ring is normally for similar websites that band together via a link of some sort. A visitor can click on a link and go to another site in the ring. I have just started but it has a difference. It is a general, all purpose ring that has a variety of sites in the...
  17. dwd2000

    I don't know if this is a php thing or a program thing.

    Profile Manager can now be integrated with PHPBB3. I tried, but get the following: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: include(./ [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in...
  18. dwd2000

    Flashy or Functionality?

    When you visit a website, do you prefer a flashy site, or a site that concentrates more on functionality?
  19. dwd2000

    I guess I'm finally ready for some input.

    Please keep in mind it is not totally finished, but it is workable. I'd like to know which direction to turn, if I need to turn at all. I'm not fussy on flashy sites, so mine might be a little more simple than others. Feel free to add your name and stuff to the database and browse the forums...
  20. dwd2000

    CGI search form - Searching multiple tables via dropdown

    They say "A picture is worth a thousand words", so I'll show the original search script, then the planned changes. Note: I can't test it due to the fact that I have no data in the database yet. This is Profile Manager I'm working with and I'm using it as a Classmates type application, where...