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    Hey, i want my plan back.
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    Changed plan

    Hello, today i recieved emai notification with this text: "OH MY LANTA! Your x10Hosting account arkacom has been upgraded to our prime membership. You now have access to a wide assortment of enhanced x10Hosting account features. More information is provided at the following link...
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    changed hosting plan

    Hello, After Boru SAN upgrade changed my hosting plan disk space. Before: After: Thanks
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    parking error

    hello, when i'm trying to park domain i'm getting this error.
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    Hi, i do not know if it is an error, but i can't make ftp account names with my parked domains prefixes ( and Only allowing me with "" prefix. Thanks
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    error with prime membership

    2010.11.27 i bought prime membership and now my old membership is gone. Before purshasing prime membership i had this: And now i have this: And my all FTP configs from...
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    Error logging into CPanel

    Hello, i'm getting an error when i trying to login. i've made a screenshot of this error. my account id: arkacom Thanks
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    Unsuspend my account. I want to clean up storage. suspension reason code is 5B73E13F4B6F Account: arkacom Thanks
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    Parked domain errors

    Hello, i have problems with my own domain after Absolut was transfered. When i try to open my page '' i'm getting this: "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server...". When i tried to (re)park my domain in Cpanel firstly i've got this error: 'Error from...
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    Parked domain not working

    Hi, After you moved Absolut to new server, my parked domain "" stoped working (i'm getting this massage: "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server".
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    I just started setting up my website on and think that the forum is a great idea. And i think x10 hiosting is one of the best free hostings in the world.