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    Upgrade to Premium Servers

    Hi, I have an account on your free service and have just purchased your premium package. Please can you arrange for my free accounts content to be moved to the premium servers? My details are here: Free account : New Premium account:
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    If I upgrade to a paid plan...

    Hi, I host a moodle installation using your free plan. Recently I have had increased users and thus increased database activity and processing activity. This has led to my account being suspended a few times. If I upgrade to a paid plan, will the limitations on database and processor...
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    Lost my SQL databases?

    Hi, Sometime overnight my account ( seems to have lost its mysql databases (one for moodle and one for joomla). Any ideas how to restore them?! Thanks, Richard.
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    Joomla / Sql error

    Hi, I have two apps on my hosting account ( utilising MySql, and am having trouble with just one of them. The Moodle app works now (after adding the "%" sign in the allowed hosts field), however my Joomla app has errors. When I load the content...
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    Re-Activation after transfer on Chopin.

    Hi, re: I have had my account and content transferred onto the new Chopin, however; On viewing a webpage - it says my account is suspended. On logging into my account panel, it says my account is in good standing. I cannot click anywhere to un-suspend my account...