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    When will the migration be finished for x10? Seems to be taking forever.
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    admin sucks

    Has anyone had any communication from admin re the migration or when it will be complete? Emails should have been sent to all about the migration and each division should be kept updated about the progress. Very poor management by admin. Unfortunately I recently lost my backup of my website and...
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    Message to Admin

    Come on Admin, make some kind of statement in this forum so people have some idea of what's happening and when, how or if the problems will be solved instead of leaving us in the dark.
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    No email

    When is this migration going to end? I haven't received any emails for days now.
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    Trying to set up email

    Keep getting red bar with "The mailbox address field may only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores, and dashes." but I am filling exactly that. It still doesn't create my email.