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  1. smoke.sessions

    New Design for My Blog

    Well, it's not a completely new and custom theme, but I made my own background image to put on there! Here it is: You can see how I use it at my design inspiration blog. << It didn't take me too long to make, and it turned out...
  2. smoke.sessions

    My Most Recent Creations

    Hey all, just posting my latest work on a site for a soccer manager game thing. Not really sure how that type of game works, I was just the designer. He wanted a splash page, a homepage, and a forum skin designed. :D Comments & constructive criticism is welcome...
  3. smoke.sessions

    Looking for US/CA People w/ DEBIT Card Interested in Making $$$!

    This is not a get rich quick scheme, and it is NOT a pyramid scheme, this IS legal.* There will be a small investment required (about $1-$10 max), but you will be making over 100% profit instantly, same day, right to your PayPal account (from me). This has to do with getting 'referrals' and...