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  1. brian0

    MySQL issue

    My PHP site is returning the error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) [2002] When I try to go into cPanel and check the MySQL status, it gives me hte error: The MySQL® server is currently offline.
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    hello and welcome!
  3. brian0

    Website Not Displayed

    that's an page. Up until VERY recently (as in a few hours) wasn't working. There might still be a few glitches, but also remember that support on X10 is not true but is actually the mono project which is a ways behind right now.
  4. brian0

    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

  5. brian0

    cPanel login behind corporate firewall? Is there an alternate link?

    The CPanel only listens on port 2082. Unfortunately, this means the only way you can get to it from there is through a proxy, unless of course, you can convince your IT department to open the port. Good luck honestly, but it's technically possible.
  6. brian0

    123 Live Help Chat

    look at It's a pure php chat system using plain text files for storage and including the "server" as part of each page call (in otherwords, no persistent processes). It's extremely light weight, and should serve your purposes with a little configuration (which...
  7. brian0

    what is wrong with the hosting

    Have you pointed your DNS server to x10's name servers? (, If so, have you set up your domain as an addon domain in your cpanel?
  8. brian0

    Considering paid hosting

    Yes, I am aware of that limitation. I have been developing in c# against mono for a couple of years now, so developing against mod_mono isn't much of a change for me. The learning curve is a different story, but not bad.
  9. brian0

    Considering paid hosting

    I have two main questions. The first is, is the paid hosting on separate servers from the free hosting? As in can I expect those servers to receive higher priority support? Second, can anyone confirm if is working on the paid hosting? I know right now it is not on most of the free...
  10. brian0

    Chopin Expedited Copy both on the same account