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    Vulnerability on X10, need help

    Not sure who to talk to about this, but I need someone on the staff to PM me about a vulnerability I found on the X10 servers. I won't disclose it to anyone else, because I can't "bite the hand that feeds", because I've been with X10 for around 3 years now. Thanks, and I just want to help you...
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    FTP Not Working

    FTP isn't working for me anymore. I'm trying to connect to, via port 21, but it's unable to connect. I did a quick scan with nmap, and it shows that port 21 is closed. Did someone accidentally close port 21, and if so, it needs to be opened up again. Thanks!
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    Website down

    I went to check on my website, and it's down! I can log in via cPanel, and I can log into my FTP folders, but I can't visit my site. The site address without the domain is: My domain is: I need help with this! Thanks!
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    New what?

    I just purchased a new domain name (, and I would like to get rid of (my current domain), and change it to my new domain. I purchased my new domain at, and I set the nameservers to: So, now that I've...
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    FTP Timeout Error

    I've been connecting to my FTP for a LONG time, and I haven't changed any settings. I use FileZilla as my FTP manager, and I'm connecting to, with a normal login, using my username and password. I'm getting this when trying to connect: Status: Connecting to ...
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    mySQL Database is messed up!

    I'm having database errors on all my WordPress blogs! The error I'm getting is:
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    Hey Guys

    Hey guys, I've had an account with x10hosting for almost a year now, and I love it. The admin of the hosting is great for whenever there's a problem. I have several sites: