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    why do we believe in a religion?

    It's cognitive dissonance, really. People are faced everyday with evidence that the world is not run by a deity of some sort, yet they choose to ignore it because they are afraid of death and the uncertainty of life. By putting their "faith" into the notion of both fate and life after death...
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    Playing DOS games in vista/XP/Linux like old school.

    DOSbox is the way to go... google it. They don't make games like they used to, which is why I still play great games like Gabriel Knight, Bloodnet, and the original Syndicate more than anything else.
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    I'm a huge animal rights person - I volunteer at an animal shelter three times a week - and I hate PETA. As it's been said, their tactics range from obnoxious to invasive, and by and large they do not represent the views of most animal rights activists. The SPCA, on the other hand, is the way...
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    100% protected template?

    You don't even need skill - just a print screen key and Photoshop. :)
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    Anymore WoW's?

    I don't understand... another one? Like a sequel? Usually, that isn't a very good idea for MMO developers, because they essentially polarize their playerbase. Half of the people rush out and buy the new one and subsequently stop playing the old one, and the other half is for whatever reason...
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    A Resolution Abolshing Abstinence-Only Sex Education

    One thing that is interesting is the fact that the rate of teenage sex is about the same between the US and Europe, but the US has staggeringly higher rates of teen pregnancies. What's to blame? The lack of access to contraceptives for minors, first and foremost, followed by the lack of proper...
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    the legend of zelda: spirit tracks

    This sounds a little... non-zelda. It's really hard to judge, but a "cannon equipped steam train" sounds more steampunk than anything else. At the very least, that's more Dark Chronicle / Final Fantasy VI territory. Since when has Zelda had technology? -_- I guess I'm just a bit biased...
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    What's the meaning of life?

    Personal happiness. That's all there is to it. The key is, the very definition of happiness is subjective and depends on the individual. For one person, it might mean making millions and buying lots of expensive cars. For another person, it might have to do with planting trees and writing...
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    It's one thing to blatantly copy somebody else, but it's another thing to take inspiration from another place. Just look at artists throughout history; they've all been inspired by their predecessors, and the memorable ones turn that inspiration into something fresh. Put simply, I like it...
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    Mine's being strange as well... I now type in my web address ( and get somebody's else's website, presumably another x10 subscriber. :(
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    *theory* Community Website

    Well... it doesn't sound like you have much so far. But that's ok. :) As far as community-based websites go, they can either be a good or a bad thing. Take wikipedia for example. There is no feasible way a handful of people could assemble all that knowledge; it requires a worldwide effort...
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    What do you hate?

    I hate the fact that some people want to impose their own philosophy on me. I'm under the firm belief that everybody should pursue what makes them happy; for some, that might be saving the environment, but for me, happiness translates to a Ferrari in the garage. I never try to force other...
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    New amazing forums...

    Hm... "softwarez?" "Software for free which are not freeware?" Sounds like a site on piracy to me. Not trying to be rude, but if that's not what you're going for, I'd suggest changing your wording around quite a bit.
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    Which Day do you Prefer?

    Friday, by far. Friday night, to be specific. The feeling of having (most) of the week's work behind me, combined with the fact that I'll hopefully get to relax a little over the next day or so, really puts me in a good state of mind. Even though I usually end up doing way too much on...
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    Which linux distribution do you like the best?

    I'm a fan of Knoppix all the way, although to be fair, I have a very specific usage for it: data recovery. I can't tell you the number of times that people have brought their computers to me, saying that every repair tech they took it to said the hard drive was slag, and I got the full data...
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    Avatars made *Characters not done by me*

    Very cool, I like the great use of contrast and color. I'm assuming these are game characters, right?
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    Server rollbacks?

    I'm just curious, does anybody know if x10hosting ever resets any servers to a previous state? I logged on to my website this morning and found it was an extremely outdated version I had updated months ago. While I realize this might somehow be my fault, it's nevertheless very strange...
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    New Avatar, Want thoughts.

    The avatar is pretty good... my one minor critique is that the logo itself seems to be "pasted on" the outside of the glass button. If that's what you're going for, no worries. If not, maybe just send it down a layer or so. :)
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    Builders Website Design - Your thoughts??

    Very nice... good use of colors. The scanlines in the banner really bring out the blue. I would move the logo much farther left, as everybody else has said. Also, the cutout of the family with the builder is TOO "cut-out." The woman especially - her arm is chopped off at an unnatural angle...
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    Computer Building

    Twinkie makes a good suggestion. If you're trying to price individual components, make sure you're buying from one of the big "warehouse" IT sites like newegg... kinda goes without saying, but I've known a lot of people who try to buy individual computer parts from retailers like Best Buy, and...