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    Eval Problems

    and I still have problems with it for my site i installed MyBB and i get can sum1 tell me how to fix this Edit: Woops double post! sry
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    how do I change Cpanel password?

    When i do it on it dont load at all like u just c ****** For password etc etc can sum1 help me with that
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    Unblock from firewall?

    can sum1 unblock me from the firewall please? thanks
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    I needSite fixed

    Hello Admins. I am racoon1 and I have a problem they are in order as followed 1.Cant access site/Cpanel 2.Cant login 2 Cpanel So can an admin Please CHANGE my Password for cpanel And PM it to me the password and can someone please take off my Redirection? Thanks
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    WarRock-Free FPS Game

    I play this game for awhile I played it since Closed beta to the Full release its really fun and heres a description about it And its free.. Here is what it looks like in game Download it at its like CSS u use W A S D keysand mouse 2 shoot i also labeled the items and y u have em
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    How to flush DNS/Disconnect Internet

    Hey guys I wanna tell you How to flush dns and Disconnet your internet 1st your probally wondering what flushing your dns well, Flushing your DNS Flushes the old DNS and if you wait enuff you have a new dns and this is good for if you cant see your site. A Better explanation is this now here is...
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    Add your site to Google!

    This is how you add your site to google! 1.Go here 2. For comment i think its what people look for when they search 3.Tyype in Verification Code 4. Press Submit 5.Wait :) 6. Post if this helped 7. give credits :D
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    Diffrence between Park and add-on domains!

    This is the diffrents between Add-on domains and parked domains Parked Domain Uses your stuff that is uploaded on your sub-domain Add-on Domain Goes to a diffrent site and is an add-on to your sub domain meaning you have your sub-domain and domain like a .comI really hope that helped you...
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    cant c my site

    hey all i cant see my site Nor can i Go to the Cpanel can u fix it?
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    cant view x10 sites w/out proxy?

    hey why cant i view X10 sites w/out a proxy like for this i cant view it w/out a proxy
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    could access site cant now?

    hey i could access my real domain and i tried 2 install smf but it couldnt cnnect to database so y cant i go to my site now?
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    you guys make me so confused ima just put it at a add-on omg... NOW WHEN I PUT ON ADD-ON IT SHOWS THE SAME AS MY SUB DOMAIN WTF IS GOING ON PLEASE HELP!
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    how use my own domain?

    how do i use my Own domain and is nulls allowed and other stuff? cuz i wanted IPB 2.3 :happysad:
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    please terminate an account i have 2

    Hey X10 can you please terminate the acconunt rcon but rcon is wat i use to login 2 Cpanel with so please just delete the 1 where u manage the details and email and password and ill just use racoon1. thanks. and why is Cpanel lagging for me?
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    can login Cpanel but not main acount managment

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    u rly need 2 wait 288 min?

    do u rly need 2 wait 288 Min 2 get your site approved and i tried and i didn kno and i had 2 re-rregister now i got 2 domains :lockd: