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    which audio player do u prefer?

    i prefer WMP...simple to use and its default ^ ^
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    Count to 1 Million

    412 useless posts
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    How to Increase Website Traffic

    :o i didnt know this ty
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    Never seen before! Unbelievable

    hahha that is ssome cool stuff, i played around with it for like 15 minutes lol
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    Chrome launched by Google

    i just tried it and didnt really see a huge difference...i thought that firefox was just alot better...its just another browser out of many...firefox > all imo!
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    Best Current Gen. Console?

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    BandWidth Explained

    thanks i always wondered wat it is...no1 explained this well before:P...i use to tthink it was like disk space lol
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    Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend!

    i didnt really like this game lol, too cartoon-ish
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    Internet Explorer Vs. Firefox

    why is this even a question :P...firefox > IE by far....x10 lol, simply so much faster, easier to use...nicer too :P
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    MMORPG's: Whats Good? apart from WOW?

    try guild wars...great Pvp there
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    Renewing IP Address in Windows XP

    i know that for some ppl it doesnt work, and for it to, u need to unplug ur modem for the night, i know that works :P. but this is usefull if ur getting ip banned from somewhere :P
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    World's Worst Web Designs

    i really lol'd at the hospitol one, i cant believe they even made that website...LOL my mom could have done better
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    Review My Website

    i think its nice, especially the banner, did u make it or was it a render?
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    Speed Up Firefox. Really Works! its a firefox plugin that REALLY boosts ur performance...its great and i use it, try it out