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  1. alexa8

    Winter Wonderland

    Have you enjoyed the winter this year, or are you like me and about sick of it? I live in the middle of the Winter Wonderland, but truthfully as the years past I hate to see it come, and it stays much too long. What do you like or dislike about winter?
  2. alexa8

    Is the Sparka server down.

    Is there a reason that the server is down. When trying to open my has been telling me that it can't be found.
  3. alexa8

    New and already issues

    There's something strange happening here. I went to reply to a couple of post and I could not reply some message came up rejecting it. Yet my status says I can biggie I hate replying anyway. Question about the error pages though....I went to edit them yet apparently they are limited...
  4. alexa8

    FTP info needed

    I have an ftp client and need to upload my files. I have used Cpanel in the past with other servers and your cpanel is very limited and seems to be outdated. However if you can give me the ftp address to use to access my files I would appreciate it.