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  1. eroknot

    Can i have my accont back?

    Hi there, my name is Douglas, and i want to ask again if you guys can give my free hosting accont on x10hosting back again please, because i need to host my project site. i lost my accont in 2019 for not loggin every mouth, there is a screenshot of an a post that i made on that time...
  2. eroknot

    Give my account back, please

    I don't know what's happened, but after years here, i was bloqued on x10hosting. I logon on my panel, and received this message: "There is a problem with your request You are signing in from Brazil, and unfortunately we are unable to offer free web hosting service service to Brazil at this...
  3. eroknot

    403 Forbidden Error

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my website, aways when i try acess happen this error: my site is somebody know how solve this?
  4. eroknot

    Question about an new account

    Hello brothers! I have this accont here in x10hosting a few years ago, and would like more an account, but the registrations in my country were blocked (i'm from Brazil), you could make an exception for me friends and give me one more accont? Please! i'm here for years, and never give no one...
  5. eroknot

    Problem with my website

    Hi There! I have a problem with my website, and I do not know what it exactly is. I did my whole website for 1 month finished and I uploaded it all last night. Ok, so far so good, but the problem is that when I open it in Google Chrome my website appear all out of place! in other browsers...