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  1. Jarryd

    Starka Reboot

    Starka has stopped responding to requests via HTTP and SSH. I am rebooting this server and it will be available shortly. Unfortunately there is a good chance it will need to do a FSCK (similar to a chkdsk in windows) which will mean it may be down until that finishes. I will update this thread...
  2. Jarryd

    Selective MySQL issues (Stoli)

    Hello, Stoli has been experiencing some very weird errors, These errors are commonly found to be "Cannot connect to MySQL through /var/lib/mysql.sock" and MySQL general connection errors. Unfortunately, these do not seem to be caused by MySQL, they seem to be caused by which remote web server...
  3. Jarryd

    Chopin MySQL

    Chopin has experienced a problem with it's MySQL, currently being worked on will update shortly.
  4. Jarryd

    Chopin Reboot

    There is an issue with Chopin that required it to be rebooted, i have rebooted it and it should be coming back online, i will update this announcement shortly.
  5. Jarryd

    Razer Gaming Pack Competition!

    Hey Guys, Razer are offering a competition for getting 133,337 users on their facebook page. Competition info can be seen here: This is my referral link, the non referral link is Would...
  6. Jarryd

    Chopin and Boru

    Currently Chopin and Boru are both experiencing some issues with disk space. We are working to resolve these issues and apologize for the inconvenience. During this time there may be intermittent access to cPanel and your websites. I will post updates shortly.
  7. Jarryd

    Stoli MySQL issues

    Hello, It seems Stoli is having some issues with MySQL. Frequent 500 errors and "Too many connections [1040]" errors. I have notified an admin of the issue and any updates will be posted here. There is no ETA on a fix yet, please don't post support tickets as it just creates work for us that...
  8. Jarryd

    Firefly fan thread

    Gorramit guys, why isn't there one of these here? So my girlfriend went to Supanova here in Australia, got to get a picture taken with Summer Glau -jealous-
  9. Jarryd

    Attention: [PLEASE READ] Regarding Boru MySQL databases

    Hello, As a lot of users on Boru may be aware there is an issue with MySQL which is preventing all databases from being seen/accessed. This was due to a bug that seems to have wiped out the remote mysql host for all users and also dropped all mysql users from their databases. There is an easy...
  10. Jarryd

    Read before posting: "Account suspended, user moved to another server"

    Hello, Currently accounts on the old cossacks and lotus servers, are being suspended as transferred, i have no confirmation from Corey yet as to the exact reason. Although i do believe it is to prevent any updates to files during the transfers. The way it works is if you update your files...
  11. Jarryd

    Looking for work (See inside for details)

    Hello, Before you ask, yes i am staff here at x10hosting. :) I'll give you a brief run-down on what i'm looking for and why. Basically my situation is this: I'm studying at University and don't have the time to find a full-time job to work for around my area, so i am looking for a laid...
  12. Jarryd

    Unable to connect to MySQL? Read this!

    Hello, if you are unable to connect to MySQL for any reason, it's probably due to some recent upgrades and changes done with a MySQL server upgrade etc. Basically the most common problem seems that the MySQL Host is not set to "Localhost" so if you are getting this error, please try setting your...
  13. Jarryd

    Looking for a staff member [webdesign & graphics]

    Hello, i am searching for someone to come help out at my website, i have a website that is based around programming and computing assistance. We currently have a phpbb3 forum set up at I have just released it publicly and i am working on getting some users to come sign...
  14. Jarryd

    Basetek! Free programming and computing assistance!

    Hello all, i have just recently released my website to the public, there is still a lot of work to be done, and i'd love your opinion on what i can do to improve my site, please visit Not to mention, if you are looking for a programming/computing assistance community feel...
  15. Jarryd

    Looking for PHPBB3 theme

    Hello, i am looking for a talented PHPBB3 style/theme designer. I am restarting my website and am looking for create a nice new theme to go with my forums. If you have good knowledge and wish to help me out please contact me via Private Message on the forums, we can discuss the theme and payment...
  16. Jarryd

    Need PHPBB3 Template made [Paying Credits]

    Hello, i am looking for someone to make a professional template for phpbb for my website. I am after a Runescape phpbb3 theme with a nice design. I have no specific requests just that it look nice and have a few nice images from runescape maybe. Or at least look something like runescape so that...
  17. Jarryd

    Need Graphics artist

    Hello, i am after a graphics artist to make me a banner for my site. My site is As you can see it's a matrix theme. I am after a banner that looks like the matrix writing and if possible has the running vertical text, it doesn't have to be animated, but if you can do that...
  18. Jarryd


    To listen to some great music, go to and up the top right press "Listen Live" If you wish to request a song, use the request form on the main page, please enter your name, song name and artist name. -DJ Sheep
  19. Jarryd

    Please review my index page. =P

    Hey guys, me and my girlfriend have just started creating our new site, we are looking for ideas on the design of it. Our index page is up and we are thinking of using that sort of design as a template for the rest of the site, please give us your opinions on what is good and what could be...
  20. Jarryd

    Rotating Banner

    Hey, i am trying to make a rotating banner for my website that i can use. I am looking for someone to make the banners in photoshop then use flash or something to make them rotate between them, for more information please send me a private message, we will see if we can work something out.