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  1. Kayos

    Need logo cleaned up 500c and turned into a vector image 500c (1000 total)

    Since the logo redesign did not work out as planned I'm just going to request a clean up of a the current logo. I want it to look better with less pixelation or whatnot. What I'd really like is it to be turned into a vector image. Anyway, the logo is here...
  2. Kayos

    Updating a logo (1000+, paypal as well)

    I'll be offering anywhere from 1000 points to 4000. If I really like it I'll paypal you money as well (it has to be amazing for that though). I'm making a brochure and the logo the company has simply isn't good. I'll post it in a few but for now I have a list of requirements: The logo needs...
  3. Kayos

    What's the best deal you've found?

    So I was at the flea market today and I found someone selling Resident Evil 5 for 7 bucks. Obviously I purchased it. Anyway, I've found some good deals before, but what are the best deals for video games, systems, anything that have you found? I also bought an HDMI enabled 360 with 2...
  4. Kayos

    Battlefield 1943

    It was released a few days ago, anyone pick it up?
  5. Kayos

    My site, once again.

    Panoramic Games I have relaunched my website, deleting most of the original content. I've also hired 4 other people to review games. Right now the theme I'm using is pretty much stock but I will be editing the header to make it look a bit nicer. Other than the header, any constructive...
  6. Kayos

    Ferris Bueller's Ferrari House Now For Sale

    From Gizmodo: The house costs a good 2 million dollars...
  7. Kayos

    Rules for Computers and Technology (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)

    Rules (For the Computers & Technology Forum) These are based on the existing rules set in place before me What should be in this Forum: Topics related to Computers & Technology Support requests relating to a problem you are having with your computer. What should NOT be in this Forum...
  8. Kayos

    Site review

    I'd like some constructive criticism on my site.
  9. Kayos

    Nintendo Training Video from 1991...

    Nintendo Training video Oh man, talk about stereotyping. It's funny watching how out of touch videos were back then. What the hell was on that guys Nintendo anyway?
  10. Kayos

    Gamer's Lounge rules (read this before posting)

    Gamer's Lounge is a place for the members of x10 hosting community to converse on many topics relating to gaming in general to the gaming industry. As the new moderator of Gamer's Lounge I'm implementing a few rule changes. All of's forum rules apply here as well as the...
  11. Kayos

    Sony Japan to close factories. Playstation division may be in trouble.

    Full article here Sony's in deeper water than I imagined. I'd be terrible for the Playstation division to close but I've questioned Sony's business tactics in the past and I would not be surprised if they did. At most I believe they'll make some cut backs in the division but I hope they keep...
  12. Kayos

    Mario Kart IRL

    Pretty funny video I found: Mario Kart IRL I'm pretty sure he's breaking all sorts of laws. Lol.
  13. Kayos

    Microsoft laying off 15,000 workers. Xbox 360 department likely uneffected.

    Link to Article It seems like Sony's 16,000 worker cut was just the tip of the ice berg in console manufacturer lay offs. Most of the cuts seem to be in places that are under preforming like in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Unlike Sony though, Microsoft seems to have had a lot of success in the...
  14. Kayos

    Ben Hack's portable N64

    His forum post. It's unbelievable and I'm so envious. Check out the pictures that are attached.
  15. Kayos

    Free Software Poll 5: Image Editors

    Welcome to the 5th Free Software Poll. This time we're focusing on Image Editing. Remember, pick the best of the best! Photo/Image Editing The GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Blender The free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems...
  16. Kayos

    Developer of the year

    So, who's your pick for game developer of the year? I'm torn between Valve and Criterion. Valve because of there constant updates to TF2. Left4Dead was one of the best gaming experiences made and they managed to release a whole new iteration of Portal on XBL. Criterion was super generous...
  17. Kayos

    EA joining Steam and releasing there games DRM free.

    Full article here. EA finally bit the bullet and is joining one of the most successful digital distribution platforms, Steam. Not only that, but they are DRM free. I personally love Steam. Comments?
  18. Kayos

    Free Radical closes its doors.

    It seems like Haze pretty much sunk the developer. It's sad to see a developer like Free Radical die off due to such a bad game like Haze. It's not like there track record was terrible either. The Time Splitter series were a critical hit and the new iteration was in development but it lacked a...
  19. Kayos

    Free Software Poll 4: Email Clients

    Welcome again to the next part of our polling. The subject for this weeks poll is email clients. As always, choose wisely! Sorry for such a short list this week, I held posting it last time due to it's small size but we'll work with it anyway. E-Mail Clients Thunderbird Mozilla's excellent...
  20. Kayos

    EA Planning to lay off 10% of it's workers. (1,000 employees)

    Link to article EA is pretty much the biggest publisher so obviously they will be effected by the economy, but laying off 10% of your work force is a huge loss. The losses they took from new franchise like Mirror's Edge has hit them pretty hard and it's too bad because it was pretty good to...