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    Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid
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    SOPA Cabana (by Dan Bull)!
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    Create "Free Wordpress Themes" section.

    I noticed a lot of "Free Wordpress Themes..." posts in the Graphics & Webdesign section. They are clogging this section and people who have something to show can't "get through" because of them. I suggest creating a new section called "Free Wordpress Themes" (or even more generic "Free Themes")...
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    Zen Coding - Where have you been all my life :)

    I can't believe what I stumbled upon on the web. I lived and worked all my life (which is actually not much time but anyways) not knowing that something incredible like this exist. It is called Zen Coding and ... well ... It works with all bunch of text and WYSIWYG editors for both Mac...
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    Akinator - You won't believe it :)

    Think about a famous character, reply to a few questions of Akinator the magician, and whoala he guesses it right (most of the time)!!! You should try it. It's so fun!
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    Living forever and war?

    After my previous thread about living forever, I saw that most of the people that wanted to live forever would use that power to help others. That's when the other question hit me. Would there be wars if we all live forever?
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    Live forever?

    If somebody offers you the power to live forever, would you actually accept it? If you have to choose without the possibility of coming back, what would you do and why? I know many people wish to live forever but have you ever seriously thought about it?
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    Video making software?

    Short version: I need to be able to make videos like this one: and I don't know what software to use. I know Adobe AfterEffect could do that but is it the best solution. AfterEffect is a great piece of software but I feel it's the "overkill" to use it for this kind of...
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    For Apple fanboys :)
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    Another unofficial x10hosting wallpaper :)

    After seeing some nice feedbacks for my previous x10 themed wallpaper I decided to show my appreciation by making another one :) It's called "x10hosting osais" and I hope you'll like it. Below you can see a 640x480px example and a zip file containing other sizes: - 1920x1080px - 1680x1050px...
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    Stuff making iPad useful

    I recently stumbled upon some really useful apps and platforms for use in iPad and other future tablets so I decided to make a thread about useful apps and services that can make iPad revolution meaningful. I encourage everyone to post things own "discoveries" here. Here's my first post...
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    Funny Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates :) I find it hilarious. Hope you like it. There's a template on the bottom of the page so you can make your own.
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    What Flash is for

    When it comes to Flash in web design people tend to use it even if they actually don't need it. Now that JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery offer a wide range of plugins that can do some basic transition and other visual effect, there's no need to use flash for that kind of simple tasks. But...
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    Unofficial x10hosting WordPress Theme

    OK after and after leafypiggy said he could make a WordPress theme out of my PSD I decided to make a new thread about it so anybody who is interested in collaborating can give their share of time to...
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    50% discount for x10hosting users!

    This is something I was thinking about for some time now so here it is. I offer a 50% discount for my services for all x10hosting users! The thing is I'm more than happy with this free hosting service that I use for testing and some other stuff so I decided to make this offer to attract new...
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    More then a CMS!

    This is how CMS should look like: I doubt it, but is anybody here using or have used this service. I'm so interested in hearing some opinions cos it looks too good to be true.
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    Unofficial x10hosting wallpaper

    I made a simple x10hosting wallpaper. Yes I know it's simple but I like simple things so :tongue: Below you can see a 640x480px example and a zip file containing other sizes: - 1680x1050px - 1280x1024px - 1024x768px If you need it in any other size just ask for it ;) On the...
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    Chery Automobile

    Chery Automobile is a Chinese automobile factory and they just came to my market. Have you heard about them and what do you think? I read about them a while ago and I saw their factories and technology but have anybody tested them or know somebody who did?
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    [PHP+MySQL] How to get the next auto-increment value

    If you ever wondered how to get the next auto increment value form MySQL table then this small tutorial is for you: // You have to connect to MySQL and select a database before you can do this $table_name = "myTable"; $query = mysql_query("SHOW TABLE STATUS WHERE name='$table_name'")...
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    How to make a nice CSS buttons

    I can't believe I never posted a tutorial here on x10. Shame on me :happysad: I hope you'll forgive me. Is this tutorial for you? Let me start with something simple. Have you ever needed a nice and modern looking buttons on your website but you don't want to make each one of them as a...