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    Server Down

    I don't know how long it's been down I came home from work and it was down when I tried to access it like 3 hours ago I thought I would wait till it resolved itself. Anyhow still not able to access CPanel I get this error: Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel))...
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    Can't login

    I try logging in but can't I use none of the following using my laptop, and firefox browser I logged in earlier today (using same connection), but now I can't, I get this message: There is a problem with your request We've found that you're connecting with a network proxy, VPN, or Tor, and we're...
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    Myphpadmin trouble loading

    Ever since the update of phpmyadmin, I am unable to load it as quick as I was before the update, it takes 5 minutes now to load, and that is loading any table that I have in there, and I don't have many... Is there some type of a tweak I can do to make it load faster like before the update...
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    Can't switch to Cpanelx3

    I tried to add my problem to others threads, however nothing is happening so thought I would open one myself. I was using Cpanel earlier today, and logged on a few hours ago and it was switched to basic (which is not what I switched to). And I been trying to switch it back to Cpanelx3, but get a...
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    cPanel cannot be executed standalone

    Was in modifying pages, than was booted out with CPANEL error "cPanel cannot be executed standalone. It must be run from cpsrvd or xml-api. This check can be disabled in Tweak Settings. [a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]" I don't know if server is still being...
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    Files deleted

    I was just in modifying a file, and everything was going good than major lag came about, and it did not save the changes instead timeout so I logged back in much lag was present, but got to my FTP and ALL my files were gone! How is that possible? Is the server down? Even my domain states error...
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    Can't login

    I tried to login, but it won't allow me to login, it gives a timeout error, also I tried a proxy to see if it would change the outcome, but than got same error. I don't know if it's my router, or if I am blocked?
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    x10hosting site

    I can't seem to even get to I go directly to cloudflare, which than states Error 520 Ray ID: ced92f85cfd0657 Web server is returning an unknown error You Browser Working San Jose CloudFlare Working Host Error Before that I could not even login to my account for...
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    For two days I have been experiencing much lag into getting phpmyadmin to open, is there a possible issue regarding this or, is it on my end? I tried clearing my cookies, and cache and still had trouble it takes about 5 minutes for it to open. Thanks in advance for helping.
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    Cancel Free hosting

    Hello, I am wanting to cancel my free hosting account I have with x10hosting. I have already made a back-up of my files and everything that was on my free hosting. The reason for canceling is because i no longer use the free account, i use my paid one. on another account. Thank you.
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    Error accessing cpanel

    my cpanel was working fine, then all of sudden i added a sql to my database and then went to change a file and got this error. Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted at /home/lucky380 on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to...
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    404 Error

    Never mind fixed!
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    default settings

    How do I remove the default page so my files in ftp shows instead of the default one when going to the website link? I cant seem to find where I would do that.