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    Wrong site showing for my account.

    I got the same thing with my site with the same Antlantic Coast Football League on it ????
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    Cant update my web site

    OK I apologize it was my computer that was not able to connect. :(
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    Cant update my web site

    I try to update my web site but I cant connect on the FTP of my web site since 1 week. I can acces my web page without any error but cannot access my FTP account. Any idea whats wrong? Thanks! Vic
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    Flash project not working

    Yes the front page is running fine. Try to go on this one. I built this web site last year and it was working just fine but not anymore
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    Flash project not working

    Hi I have build a flash web page that load xml file. The web siute was working correctly but now It can run anymore. Flash player give me an error #2044 Unhandled securityError I try the same web site on a different server and it work perfectly. Can you help me out? Best regards, Eric L
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    not able to acces my web page

    This morning when I try to access my web page it give's me **** The page you are looking for is temporarily unavalaible. please try again later **** I'm on the server. Do you how long it will be? Thanks Vic
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    FTP disk full

    I got the same error when I try to upload some file on my web site. Disk full. I try to erase some stuff that I dont need but still the same problem. As I see on the forum everybody on the x10hosting has the same problem did you know when the problem will be fixed?
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    Not able to connect to my web site

    Hi, I was trying to do a backup of my web site and the connection quit and I'm not able anymore to access my web site and/or connect via FTP. What's happen.... ---------- Post added at 04:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:13 PM ---------- here's my web site address...
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    Very slow web site

    My web site is pretty slow. Like very very slow.... normally I was able to go on the web site and the refresh is fine but today not. Is that normal? Thanks! Eric L
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    PHP problem

    I'm trying to send picture in my web site using a PHP script. Everything was working fine before you move my site. This is my PHP script: Whats happen is everything seems to work fine on my site but the file is never save into the web site... Eric L
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    Inactivity on forum

    In my control page I see email history : 1 Notifications Sent March 14 at 11:25 am x10Hosting Account Inactivity Suspension Warning So this is why I sent you this request... And also I see this but I never receive any email regarding this... Thanks Eric L
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    PHP problem

    Since you move my web site some of my php script are not working but was working fine before. Any idea? Regards, Eric
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    Inactivity on forum

    Hi, I dont know why but my site is kick out some time for inactivity but I have pay 3$ to prevent that for a years like 6 month ago. Can you told me why??? Regards, Eric L
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    Problem loading my web page

    Hi, I'm not able to access my web page some time. When I can't access it give me a network timout error but I'm still able to connect via FTP. Any Clue? Thanks!
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    Halo Wars!

    Not sure about Halo wars. Seems to look the same thing of all the RTS for the last 10 years!!!
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I never have a compatibillity with the recent softwarebut all the old game I have a problem to use it. Exemple : X-Com UFO is not running at all under XP.
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    An Error Has Occurred

    I'm not able to access my web account or my web page anymore. When I try my account they told me "An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this...
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    Account suspended

    My account is suspended because I have not create a thread? Did I need to create one every two weeks?
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    Which is better ATI or NVIDIA?

    If you want to play games you better with the nVidia.