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  1. battlingmaxo

    inactivity warning

    I logged in a week or so, I am not sure why i got this warning. If I log in do I have to log out? BM
  2. battlingmaxo

    missing file

    On my site I added a pdf file that i wanted someone to upload. I looked today and I can't find it, are my files safe ? Does anyone else have access to them?
  3. battlingmaxo

    New page question

    I uploaded my new website with no problems but all I can see is the old one. Was i suposed to delete the old one first? My page is digitalart.x10host. Also I would like it to be changed to Thanks
  4. battlingmaxo

    Changing name

    I am considering selling a virtual program so I am redesigning my webpage but I wanted to know if It is allowed to change my webpage name and to sell on my page (My webpage is I want it to be 3D ) If I can change name and sell a little detail on how...
  5. battlingmaxo

    How to do this?

    How would you set this up if possible I developed a virtual aquarium, I think is really good. I want to try and sell it. How would I set this up? I want to get a pay pal account when money is received they get a number which can be typed at my website and will allow this person to download the...
  6. battlingmaxo

    my webpage is not loading

    For the last 3 or 4 days my site does not seem to load. I have not been suspended. Is some maintenance going on? When i say not loading all i can see are some of the captions that i have under my images but not the images or the backgorund image is alos gone. if go to naother page on my site...
  7. battlingmaxo

    My webpage graphics gone!!!!

    On my webpage all of my images are gone, on the second and third pages words and graphics gone. I wasn't suspended, What's up? :confused: my webpage BattlingMaxo
  8. battlingmaxo

    e-mail sent

    I received an e-mail that sayd i need to log into portal once a month I log in the forum at leats once a month. What is this portal they are speaking of? maybe it was a mistake. if anyone knows. My account was still active not suspended BattlingMaxo
  9. battlingmaxo

    Just saying thanks

    This is the best hosting site i have had. I have my webpage as a default page and so i can see if the site is down. i can't remenber the last time my page was offline. It's easy to upload and download files and the forum help s fast getting replies. This is a great site BattlingMaxo
  10. battlingmaxo

    I just wanted to thank x10hosting

    I have had my webpage( which needs updating) for over 2 years now and it is the best hosting service I have had. (had 4 hosting services) Reliable, and for the most part quick response to my questions on the forum. Where it has helped me the most is when i can upload one of small pc programs i...
  11. battlingmaxo

    My site is down, my fault???

    My site is down but i think it is my fault, I did not log in, in the time period, usually i am pretty good about logging in but this time with time constraints it got away from me. What can i do to get it running again? I will try not to let it happen again. BattlingMaxo
  12. battlingmaxo

    Changing domain name

    If i need to can i chage my domain name? i am using free hosting Battlingmaxo
  13. battlingmaxo

    posting a new thread

    When i go into free hosting section and try to post a new thread it brings me here? I used search but could no find the answer i was looking for in free hosting. just wanted to ask if I can change my domain name? Don't need to do it now just wondering if possible
  14. battlingmaxo

    getting the url

    I uploaded an image on my webpage but i can't seem to get the url so i can give it to someone I know the lower left hand corner i see something but that is not what i need. usually when i upload i see the url near the empty trash icon How can i get the url? battlingmaxo
  15. battlingmaxo

    chnaging name

    If i wanted to can i change the name of my URL? I am not sure if i want to but just wondering if it is possible battlingmaxo
  16. battlingmaxo

    editing prblem

    I treid edititng some links (deleting them) i used html editor online, I could select the links but they don't delete, a little help please battlingmaxo
  17. battlingmaxo

    Affiliate marketing

    This seems to work from what i have read. Does anyone here know about it? Of course you hear about people earning up to $1000.00 a day if true only a few do this but amazon is an affiliate marketer. i have read some people are making about $20.000 a year working with amazon at leats more...
  18. battlingmaxo


    If i wanted to ty to market products can i use the free hosting? If no explain what i would have to do. At this point i am just considering it battlingmaxo
  19. battlingmaxo

    avoiding a suspension

    I will be going out of town for a few weeks or more Not sure if i can get to a computer, sometimes i can go to the library and login but not sure if i will have the time, so I was hoping for this once i could skip logging in for the two week period. I will be leaving in the mid of Jan, please...
  20. battlingmaxo

    strange message

    Why do i sometimes get this message? battlingmaxo