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    questions about ssl-explorer...

    I was wondering what my username and password (where could I find them) would be if I wanted to login to the ssl-explorer. I went to the https:// part of my site and got the SSL-Explorer login prompt. (
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    SQL isn't working...

    When I tried to connect to my website, it told me that it was having problems connecting to the sql server. I checked and made sure that it was pointing to localhost, it was, but it still wasn't working. Can someone help me here? :happysad: (
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    Name Servers

    I just got a free domain from but I don't know what name servers it should be pointing to. What are they?
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    Using the Cpanel...

    Is it possible to change the port that the CPanel uses? I ask because I want to be able to access it from my school so that I can manage the school forum site, but I'm not able to since the port is blocked.