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    SSL Link

    My account is missing the SSL link which has recently been implemented according to <>. So what do I need to do? I was using CloudFlare up to now but now it gives me this: <> "Apache is...
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    Resolved Custom Domains

    I was wondering if custom domains is still available in free hosting? For example, I own a TLD but I would like to point a subdomain to my free joomla hosting so that people can type something like: { this is a madeup url as example not a real one } I wonder if...
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    Let's Encrypt

    Any ideas how can one install these certificates: Google is getting upset with sites that don't use Secured Layer and so the free ones are essential for important sites. Thank you.
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    PhpMyAdmin does not accept my username/password

    For reasons unknown to me, the phpmyadmin on my account does not accept my username/password. I know my username/password is correct because I can login to my cPanel and launch file manager. I can also connect via filezilla if I want to. However, launching phpmyadmin is something can't...
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    Main host is down today!!!!!!!!!!

    Has anybody noticed that the main host is down or hijacked by hackers today? Can't access my cPanel.
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    It must be weekend again!!!

    You can tell easily that it is a weekend when you get an error like this: Error establishing a database connectionMy test site seems to get this error almost every weekend and now it is getting really frustrating to see it week after week. How about some other error types to make our weekend...
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    MySQL Database Location

    Is the location of database changed? I was using localhost but it doesn't work anymore and so I can't install wordpress on my site. Hope somebody might have the ready answer to this simple question. Thanks.