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    Problem with dolphin

    hello dolphin script is installed on my account but there are a few errors....... some pages are displaying 403 error. can anyone help me with this. I will pay u in credits. Plz do help me. I don't mind even if anyone reinstall the script for me as i have least...
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    [REQ]I want some one to solve the bugs in dolphin script

    hello can anyone help me with the bugs in dolphin script. Its installed in my account but had some bugs. Please let me know the number of credits u would expect for this work. I don't mind even if u reinstall the script but i want it to work fine. thank u
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    [REQ]i want some one to install dolphin script

    hello, i am student and our col mates have decided to have a social com, we are around 1000 students. so i want some one to install the script successfully in my account. I will pay in credits so interested people plz post here with the number of credits u expect. The installation...
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    Click 20 ads and get 10 credits

    hello The following sites are paying with in a week once the payment request is done. Most of the sites have 5$ as the minimum payout. If anyone joins under my referral link and click a minimum of 30 ads (in any of the sites below) then i will pay 10 credits. <Links Removed By DeadBattery>...
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    Fastest Paying PTC sites

    The following sites are paying with in a week once the payment request is done. Most of the sites have 5$ as the minimum payout.
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    can anyone see ads on my site?

    hello I have inserted ad code but couldn't see ads generating on my site........i have checked both in IE and mozilla instead i could see a small rectangle thank u
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    my joomla site is not showing properly in IE

    hello I have designed the site with joomla, but its not showing properly with IE. Its good with mozilla.......can anyone suggest me a solution? are joomla sites not compatible with IE? thank u
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    how to insert ads in pagepeel module(joomla)

    hello I have installed page peel module, but unable to understand how to add ads to that i mean multiple ads. how to insert adsense ads? this is also a ? mark for me, I have installed html module for that and placed ad code of x10hosting and its working. can i use the same one to display...
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    i am getting a mesg abt php in my admin area

    hello I am getting this following mesg in my joomla administration area PHP magic_quotes_gpc setting is `OFF` instead of `ON` can any one tell me what dows this mean and what should i do? thank u
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    can anyone tell me how to install latest joomla version

    hello I have installed joomla 1.0.13 version and have completed building site now the latest version has been released how to install it? with out loosing my current site data thank u
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    Page is not being displaed since i installed cb1.1

    Hello since i have started installing cb 1.1 of joomla (community builder) i missed one step in the middle while reading the user guide and following the instructions step 1: install as a component.--------did it successfully step-2: Install as a...
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    index page for joomla

    hello I am using joomla is a separate directory hence when i open my site "" it displayes index of.......... since there is no index page now plz tell me how to put index page ie my home page of joomla(as index.html) for once my account got suspended for this reason, not...
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    sessions.save_path directory problem

    hello i am using joomla but its logging me out very often after logging in this way i am loosing some unsaved data while working on it I have posted it in the joomla forum they told me to ask the host to fix the problem which is related with seesions.save_path directory thank u with regards
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    403 error changed permissions but no use

    hello when i tried to access my page i am getting 403 forbidden error I have changed permissions to 755 after seeing the threads here I have changed the permissions for all the files under "public_html" directory but no change Currently I have installed joomla with a separate dir its working no...
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    How to remove banner in joomla

    hello can any one tell me how to remove banner on my site. I have installed joomla but there is a big banner on the site naming joomla. I have seen one of my frnds using joomla with out that banner he kept his own. I tried almost every thing but failed. I was just able to change advertisement...
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    joomla login problem

    hello As soon as i login after a few seconds i.e when i try to click on any option, i am asked to login again. I asked it in the joomla forum they told me to request the host to check whether sessions.save_path directory is writable and make it writable if not. plz do that for me my account id...
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    Account suspension-no reason

    hello My account got suspended, a mesg is shown when i tried to open the site. My site isn't working since many days and now my account got suspended. I clicked on check reason and gave my id the reason shown is no site/forbidden error and suspension lift on is undefined. What should i do? can...
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    can't login

    Hello I am unable to log in to my account, my user name is abhi666. Also when once I have logged in(yesterday) later on after some time, I have been asked for log in again. I have installed joomla, the same thing is happening even with joomla adm panel what should i do? this is happening since...
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    install drupal

    hello plz do not mind for posing this question i am new to web designing, i know html and java script i am even new to the concept of content management softwares well my question is how to upload drupal,(i mean to which folder of cpanel) just want to try and see how it works plz do help me...