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    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I love Valve, despite their many problems.
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Halo Reach! An over-hyped game series but they really did an awesome job on Reach. :D
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    Domain change error

    The domain is still listed as an addon domain and I cant add it as the primary????? HELP!! :frown:
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    Domain change error

    I have already removed it as an addon domain and still get the same error. My next guess would be that the server takes an insane amount of time to recognize this change, and allow it to be added as the primary domain?
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    Domain change error

    I am attempting to change my primary domain from to It gives me error messages however I try it. Is this something that has to be done from the backend? Thank you
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    x10Hosting's Community Minecraft Server

    Awesome! I've been thinking a x10hosting Minecraft server would be nice.