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    Resolved webhooks with x10

    Hello, i am trying to attach a webhook from my github account to my x10 site but when i type this address in on github , i guess my site is set up to recieve data like that? any help please p.s on github, for the URL that i want to send the info( That pretty much...
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    Resolved My web site is not accessible any more

    Hello, i have had the same problem as the OP. When you say log in every once in a while do you mean "" or my "siteName/wp/wp-admin" wordpress site. Thanks
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    Extremely frustrated

    Hello, i had a fully functioning website with x10 free service, i was idle to long and the site got suspended. It is in no way letting me delete my account or start fresh with a new site. Please help. p.s even when i created a whole new Gmail account and...
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    managing x10 email

    Hello, under the my websites page in .x10hosting it gives me the option to "Manage Email" When i do this it gives me the option to configure mail client, then i use the Secure SSL/TLS settings and provides me with my username and incoming IMAP ports and outgoing SMTP ports and then i use this in...
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    How to Implement WordPress

    Hello, i have a site How do implement software into my x10 site? I have downloaded 5.1.1 file . I am very new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    X10 and Webpress

    I am very new to web hosting and from what I understand when it comes to WordPress, there are 2 different sites with this you are only responsible for the content and they do all of the hosting and setup. With you get the open-source Wordpress software, you are...
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    WordPress question

    I understand that word press is a site builder. But from what I can tell, they also provide a hosting service with a student version that is free. Now I was able to make an account and choose they're free web hosting option. What is the difference between going with their hosting or choosing...
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    HTTPS possible (first post)

    Hello, this is my first post in this community and i actually have 2 questions. 1)If i purchase an SSL certificate am i able to apply it to my website? I made a very basic website with not much content at all. 2)Is it possible to have a "File Explorer" type structure on my actual site, almost...