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    Website redesign

    Hi all, recently done a full relaunch on my forum, including new domain and upgrade to VB4, and would like your thoughts on it. Look forward to your opinions..
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    Website name change

    Im looking at doing a redesign of my forum and with it would be registering a new domain name. Is there any issues with doing this and using forwarding to my existing site, or an easier way ?
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    domain name

    My domain name provider has the option to release my domain name to another host, is it of any benefit to release it to here where i host my forum ?
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    Want to change from free to paid hosting

    As per title really.. I have just signed up for a paid hosting plan and want to move my forum from the free hosting I have (bowl-northwest) to paid (tenpinforums). How do i go about getting this organised ? :dunno:
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    New (ish) Forum

    Just been doing some work to my forum, hoping to get more people to use it, so looking for suggestions and feedback on how it looks etc.. :dunno:
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    vbulletrin hosting issue

    OK, need some advice please, my site has been suspended with reason no index page. Im running a forum with vbulleitin and using vbadvanced portal. As far as i know I have an Index page, but my address forwarder goes to the portal page, is this causing the issue ? Would like to get this...
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    Just tried to log in to my forum and it shows account suspended due to not having an index page, also cant log in to my Cpanel. I recently paid for vbulletin and installed it, so i assumed that all would be ok. How do i sort out an index page with it, can anybody help, I am using the Vbadvanced...
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    Suspended Again

    Tried to log in to my forum this morning, but its saying its suspended, reason is there is no index. Well im pretty sure there was last night as I had done some work on it. Whats going on ? :dunno::dunno:
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    multiple accounts

    I have 2 account for 2 forums i was planning to run and Built them both up and was sort of running, but both kept getting suspended due to not being linked. So now dont know where the hell im up to and have decided just give up on one of...
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    Cant get to my forum !!

    Getting an error message when I try to log into my forum. General error SQL ERROR [mysqli] Access denied for user 'glen290'@'localhost' (using password:YES) [1045] An sql error occurred while fetching this page, please contact an administrator if this problem persists. Any ideas and...