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    How to delete my addOn Domian?

    Hosting Account Management shows that I have no addOn Domains. But when I add the my domain. It shows an error said that my domian is already configured. It seems that I haven't delete the domain, so how can I delete the domain completely?
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    Sth WRONG with my add-on Domain

    Hello,administrator. I found something wrong with my add-on Domain. When I click into the homepage of my Hosting Account Management. It shows that I have binded the domain ''. But after I click into the Addon Domains Setting area. It shows that I have no binded add-on Domain. I...
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    why my site always cannot open?

    These days , my site( alway cannot open and the ftp can not connect. I want to know what's the matter with the site . Is it my problem?
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    about the language of the site

    I know that the site only support English,French and Spanish. Then I want to know that can I use the unsupported language in the pictures? Someone who knows please tell me. Thank you very much.
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    how can I translate my website to English?

    My account was suspened today bacause i used wrong language,now I want to change my language to English ,to unsuspend my account,but now i cannot login into the file manager,how can I change it? In addition,how long does it take to unsuspend my account after I change my language into English?
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    why suspended my account?

    Today I found my account was suspended.My suspension reason code is 62759EEAEEB6.Could you tell me why?