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    Could not connect to database server

    Dear Sir, I'm not able to connect to database server.. would u plz help me on this. The site was working fine few days ago. Thank you ---------- Post added at 08:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:00 AM ---------- Is there any problem in database server? Is other too facing same...
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    Internal Server Error - contact the server administrator,

    My site not working got this error: :( Plz help. Thank you
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    Could not connect to database server

    Could not connect to database server. Is db server down? Its been more the 2 days. :( plz help me fren* Thanks in advance.
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    Site is completely down- Webpage not available (Lotus Server)

    My Education site is completely down. It's in Lotus server. As i get this ip Well lotus server is already transfered i guess?? Requesting support :) Thank's in advance.
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    disk space not increased

    Dear sir, I've read the news about disk upgrade for all free user. But my current Disk Space 500m only. Hope to get upgraded space. Thank you, sgrpdl
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    Network Error (tcp_error)

    Well today i got this error frequently....... :(. Is system heating too much..?? OOps...! Network Error (tcp_error) A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out" The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests...
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    Image Verification *captach* not working

    Few days ago GdLibrary error - which is now is fixed. But Image verification problem is stil same, is this due to same basic php v.? My image verification does not show the image.... Tech team when this php issue gona be fixed..
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    GD Library error: When my php will be upgrade.

    My sub domain [photo gallery page] Shows Error: The GD Library is not installed. i tried to upgrade by clicking upgrade php ver~ and it still shows This feature is not currently activated on your account. All accounts are set to x10Hosting's PHP v2. If you are not sure what that means...
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    add on domain webmail shows suspension page

    dear sir, I've set the addon domain and when i try to open it shows x10 suspension page. my main domain every page works fine w/o any error message. my main domain mx entry is set to I've set my addon site mx entry too the problem...
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    addondomain Suspension

    Dear sir, 2hrs ago i added one addon domain ( and when i checked the site it redirected me to I'm just wondering why my new addon site is suspended??? The New site is Non profit public forum for IT Student's. Beside that i'v not even...
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    Changing CNAME record how to ?

    I wana change CNAME Record as im using google mail service for my site. So how can i change cname. Changing CNAME record To use the custom URL, you must change the CNAME record with your domain host. Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or...
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    Image verification & guest book not working :(

    I've list of problem which are: 1) Image verification [Captcha code ] is not working, it's not displaying the image. I'm very sure the code is correct coz i've tested that in my local. 2) Flash Guest book too not displaying... its just say loading then nothing. And its fine working in my...
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    an error occurred while processing this directive]

    I still see appche page when i login my site. When i checked my site c-panel and there i found this error [an error occurred while processing this directive] site: Is this the reason of above success page. Well my dns has been set as suggested my tech guy.... Edit: x-10...
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    Website show appche page & c-panel is alwaz down :(

    Dear sir, My site is not working. i'm not able to access control panel too. Yesterday when i tried to access website i saw appche page " Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server If you can see this page, then the people who manage this server have...
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    Can we host any no. of website?

    Dear sir, I would like to know, that can we host any no of website from this single package add free hosting a/c. Thanking you, sgrpdl
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    country domain

    Sir, I've country domain, i would like to know does x10hosting allow me to use my country domain?
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    When i'll get my login details?

    Guys wen i'll get my login details?? I registered 2 days ago and still i'v not got the details. :dunno: I'm not able to *login account page too. It only says "The hosting username you specified does not exist."
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    A big hi to every body :)

    Hi, Wish u all a very happy new yr 2009. Than-x xx10hosting for such a great job. You all rocks man :) keep it up. Hey x-10 guys wen i'll get my login details :) . I thought this x-mas i'll be able to launch my sites but i'm still not able to login my account :( Edit: I'm Sagar :)