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    cant log into cpanel

    I cant log into my cpanel. I got a subdomain change and a new username but it isnt working
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    Radio Blog or

    Is Radio Blog and Music Video videos aloud on our sites?
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    Prob with this forum

    When I try to come here, it prompts me to download "cta_extension_prodig" The only way I could get here was to type index.php at the end of the url.
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    Meh Blog

    Ok, I just moved my blog/personal site to here from that crappy freewebs and I wanted to who people it: Im excited cause its my first ever layout that I used SSI and Div layers on!
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    Mini Affliate?

    does X-10 Hosting have a mini banner(perferably 88x31) that I can put under my host section?
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    Sub Domain Problem

    Im having a problem with my subdomains: How do I get it to point to the index.shtml?
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    Same site, diff sections

    OK, I have a site, and I wanted to know if I could add a section with its own woudnt be part of the main site, but kinda like a small site: Main Site: Degrassi Online(Main site about the show etc) subsite: Best Friends Forever?(sub site about two characters)
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    Center Layout?

    I just made a layout with a header and bg image and wanted to know how to et it centered. Heres the url:
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    SKin Changer

    Iv been lookin all around and I cant seem to find a Layout Changer script. Does anyone know of one?
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    Best Blog with Fantastico?

    Which is the best and most customizable out of all four of the blog software that comes with Fantastico?
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    I currently use X10 as my webhost and its doin great, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of agood place to host my blog/personal gfx.
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    VBulliten Lookalike Does that forum look like a VBulliten?
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    MYSQL Deleted itself?

    I logged onto my account to make another mysql db for a poll, and there was no forum db. I know that i didnt delete it. And now, I cant create any new ones
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    I am having a problem with my site. For some reason, when I click home from another page and scroll down, the page becomes slow and the side panel starts to screw up. Here: Go to cast then hit home. Is there a way to fix this cause my site is...
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    How Many Connections?

    Im many connections can my site get? The reason im asking is that I get this error on my forum: Too Many Connections. So I need to set the session limit:
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    Link to Forum

    I think there should be a link to the forums on the main page, as there isnt really teh need to go to apply then to the forums
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    FTP Problems

    I keep getting this error when trying to connect to the FTP: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
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    Ads Splash

    Ok, I made a splash page that just has the link to the forum and my email address, and wanted to know if I needed to put an ad on it. Heres my splash page:
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    2 Blends

    here are some blends I made. There from the show, Degrassi: The Next dont worry if you dont get the text on them:
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    Are the X10 ads down? casue there showing up as text links