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    How many websites allowed on x10hosting account?

    I currently have 2 websites running, and planning on 2 more websites. one of them is a forum (~4MB) and the other is about information on topic (less than 100KB). I wanted to know if its allowed to have multiple websites on one account. Thanks
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    1 database stuck....

    I got this stubborn empty database that is taking up my last slot, i tryed deleting it but the thing appears on the list when i go back. how can i remove it? its using only 0.1megs and it just has my username, nothing else.
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    Cannot Uninstall FrontPage Extensions

    _vti_bin _vti_cnf _vti_log _vti_pvt _vti_txt these files still appear after attempting to uninstall frontpage. at first attempt to uninstalled it sayed: "Starting uninstall, port: 80. Error: The FrontPage Server Extensions are not installed on ''." so then i...
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    LOL ~ review my site!

    Hello, ive been building this site slowly since 2007 and just wanted any constructive (destructive also welcomed) criticism. anyways heres the link also one question, does do Vibrant ads on their forums? you know those green words that...
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    trying to install phpBB3, stuck at database isntallation

    when installing phpBB3, i come accros the database connection. it says i need to ask the hosting provider fro the following info: The Database Type - the database you will be using. (using mySQL) The Database server hostname or DSN - the address of the database server. (dunno waht this is) The...
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    FTP error

    Hi! this should be the last error to be fix before i mass move my website to your servers =) i get the following error during SmartFTP usage: [19:52:11] 200 TYPE is now ASCII [19:52:11] PROT P [19:52:11] 534 Fallback to [C] [19:52:11] PROT C [19:52:12] 200 OK [19:52:12] PORT...
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    Domain help

    ok so i set the domain name to the ns1 and my website doesnt show up when i use, but it does show up using my x10hosting sub domaim. i really want to have this fixed. i looked at other posts related to domain name problems and ive done...
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    Just like to thank for the awesome free hosting! best i have ever used, and i had ALOT of past (and horrible) experiences with other hosting services. I do have one suggestion. it would be nice if the forum style and the main website could blend in well together lol. its an eyesore coming...
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    are nameservers wroking properly?

    im trying to go to my website via but i end up in google (leads there if not found). i changed the domain name via x10hosting account manager, and i set the namservers to ns1 and it does go to my website when i go there via
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    How can I make my other domain, my main domain on cpanel?

    ok, i wanted to know how to make a domain i purchased my main domain. i asked in the upgrades forum but they just gave me the nameservers. my domain name is and i want to change it to id like my x10hosting subdomain parked. Thanks
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    linking to outside?

    i wanted to know if i can use my hosting space to host my myspace overlay, which im currently designing. itll probably take less than a megabyte. and if i cant, can i still if i put a link of x10hosting on myspace???
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    A simple Website

    here is a 1 page of my entire website: Feedback please =)
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    2 Website on one account.

    I dont know under what category this should really be in but I needed to know if its allowed to place more than 1 website on the same hosting account. And if it is possible how do you actually do it?
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    Hello, I used to be with profusehost, but the limitations and rules became to much, therefore im moving to x10hosting, x10hosting seems like a really nice place to build up my web home out of cardboard boxes :biggrin:. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!