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    I paid for prime but not upgraded

    Well, it seems it took a while for mine to get through, not sure why.
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    Cloudflare Error

    I think you have to use a domain name for the CloudFlare to work. The subdomain doesn't work because the domain its on is already being optimized by CloudFlare.
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    WeDoPvP - Please review

    I personally think it looks fine, the logo fits well with the rest of the page!
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    The how to get your own domain for free .tk

    Yeah, they deleted my website because of too much traffic or fake copyright issues. I needed it for a Minecraft server, but luckily I got enough donations to buy a .net domain for only $10/year at Namecheap.
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    Thank you. I just bought Prime Membership and my site is/seems much more faster now :)
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    I have a question, how much disk space do I get on a free account? On the comparison page, it says Unmetered, but in cPanel, it says 1 GB. Which is real?
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    what is better? drupal or joomla?

    Drupal is better, but you need to know some web languages, like PHP, to use it to its full potential. For beginners, it'd be best to go with Joomla.
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    The how to get your own domain for free .tk

    Thank you for posting this! Once I set up my phpbb forum, I'll be using this :)
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    Thanks for this, I'll sign up now :)
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    Earn Money from Neobux! (Without any investment!)

    I remember I used to use Neobux, until they changed to a smaller amount paid per click. I then got lucky and got 50 cents from a drawing, then I cashed out and left. I didn't think you could still do this, I'll try it out. Have any payment proof I can see please?
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    I use Filezilla. It's fast, easy to use, and works on Mac :) I haven't really tried the other two out, but Filezilla seems more popular, therefore there's more community support.
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    I have my own server that's still in Beta and not out to public, I'm almost done! I joined x10 because I needed a server site of course! xD