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    What should I use for my website; both are good WordPress and Vanilla Forums, but wha

    Re: What should I use for my website; both are good WordPress and Vanilla Forums, but I'll prefer the WordPress version, but it's just a matter of taste and depending on how you are going to use the site in the future.
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    Review my Forums!

    I don't like the ads. It always makes me to go back. Chess Adventure
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    Forum, News and Projects take ages to load. In fact I was even unable to have a look at these pages. Chess Adventure
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    Why my friends can't view the webpage?

    And what's the URL of your site?
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    Review My Site - Random YouTube Video Generator

    The alignment can be improved for smaller screens and/or smaller browser windows. It helps to immediately see both the video as well as the now playing and options menu at the same time.
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    Check out Mine...

    It's not clear to me what the site is about and what makes it special, but most of the site requires registering. I suggest at least to add more content to the "Best Way to Earn Online" section.
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    Please do a visit on my Blog site :)

    Nice. I suggest to use a fixed width for all (navigation) buttons
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    Feedback on my image hosting site

    Looks like an interesting site, but it was unclear how much storage a registered user has for his private galleries and who's behind the site. This may be very important things for people to join a site. I think the name is rather easy to remember.
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    How Is This?

    Why do you use as the initial url of your site? It's probably better to get rid of the web part. I agree with stpvoice that the purpose of the forum has to be made clear. Visitors have to find a reason in order to become a member of this site.
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    How can i increase my website page rank?

    To increase your page rank the only thing you have to accomplish is that more websites are linking to your site. It's about the incoming links. The link above may be a good start.
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    Tips on making game site more attractive

    I suggest to start by adding a lot of images/screencaptures etc.
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    Opinions on Classifieds Web Site

    The problem with the site seems to have been solved, because the virus scanner (avast) currently doesn't mention anything at all when visiting the site.
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    Opinions on Classifieds Web Site

    My virus scanner doesn't like the site and blocks some of the content.
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    404 Not Found

    What's the url that results in this error?
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    I tried to add a site, but this resulted in "A reCAPTCHA error has occured, (message: incorrect-captcha-sol)", which I didn't understand. I was unable to find any captcha.
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    Tech guys - please review the content at

    I also like the layout of this WordPress blog. It fits very nice with the content. Chess Adventure
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    Lets see my new website :-)

    I suggest to center the site Furthermore it feels a little strange to have a list of team members with every item "post available" except for one that is not available, but still invites the visitor to apply for this post.
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    Bike Racing Games

    The site looks rather easy and simple to use. I think it fits your goal. Chess Adventure
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    My "website review" blog.

    I suggest to add an about page and to use some tags or categories to categorize the reviewed sites.
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    review my portfolio and blog

    Why not combine the two sites?