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  1. sai.sasidhar9220

    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their noses and open their mouth so they flap the pudding between their feet and hands. This is boring. Monkeys fling pancakes over seals BUT albatrosses rarely fall for double-glazing. When the salesmen dodges smelly and begins dancing spandex shorts alone, his...
  2. sai.sasidhar9220

    Move Wordpress folder to root it's possible ?

    Yep...Its very well possible...change the root dir and then change the parameters in config...
  3. sai.sasidhar9220

    New Website design

    nice :))))
  4. sai.sasidhar9220

    DeleteDesign Logo

    good...thats niice
  5. sai.sasidhar9220

    cURL seems to write/read cookies elsewhere.

    Clear browsing data...and check the relative linking
  6. sai.sasidhar9220

    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Obviously FileZilla FTP Client
  7. sai.sasidhar9220

    Great hosting but...

    ya...i do agree with you...Its really cool being in x10hosting....
  8. sai.sasidhar9220

    Hello Guys

    Hello every one....great to meet u all at this forum