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  1. AJradio

    [500CR] YuGiOh CSS

    Hi, I am making a clan site ( and we have 2 parts, a halo and a Yugioh one. I took care of the halo one myself, and cannot find a YuGiOh CSS for a website So, if you make me a CSS Template, with images, and i like it, 500 credits to you my friend!
  2. AJradio

    Umm... Multiples of 1 item on SMF

    Well, Stupid me wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and got like 5 of the same link on my board index. Shop Mod 3.0 EDIT -> Fixing it! I just need to go to the uninstall page, find the files it modifies, and manually take out the 5 extra codes :)
  3. AJradio


    Hi. Is there anything I can fix on my site? ** KNOWN ISSUES ** Broken Links in the index at the top Pictures page is off-scale
  4. AJradio

    [Easy] How to insert ads in B2Evolution Blog

    Hi, In this tutorial, I will show you how to put ads in B2evolution. 1st, you will need the ad code. Next, go to http://yoursite/blogdirectory/admin.php Go ahead and log in if you haven't already. 2nd, you will need to do this for ALL blogs. Go to the widgets options for your blogs...
  5. AJradio

    500 Internal Server Error

    Hi, Um..... I installed SMF 1.1.7 on It installed right and everything, I tried to add a package, and got a 500 error. I tried a different package, and got the same thing. I went to my cpanel logs, and got these for what I was doing. [Sat Nov 15 20:22:25 2008] [error]...
  6. AJradio

    Domain Transfer Email Problem

    Hi, I previously had, but moved it to My Cpanel says i'm using 7 email accounts, but really i'm using 4. I checked the list, and I still had email addresses from, and I have addresses from I try to delete the...
  7. AJradio

    Stoli Server - Cannot Access Images

    Hi, I'm on the stoli server. I have a .css file that requires image loading in it. It is by default, /images/IMAGE I uploaded my images, the pages, and the css file into the public_html folder. I go to the page on my browser and the images dont load, when I try to go to one manually, i get...
  8. AJradio

    SMF 1.1.7 - Global Headers and Footers

    I'm trying to get my ads working! I've installed the global headers and footers, and the link under the configuration is not there. I've tried the ad mod, and that doesn't work either. HELP!!!!!!!
  9. AJradio

    Forum Fight

    Its really easy. Here's how it works. We do a free-for-all war. Like this: Get it? Now since I can't kill anybody... *runs*
  10. AJradio

    Apache + Stoli = No?

    Hi, I'm trying to get to my site and it says a ping timeout error. I checked my account on I was unsuspended, I thought it might be because I'm not showing ads (being fixed right now IF THE HTTP WORKED!!!) But I checked the Server info and said: Stoli apache HTTP offline...
  11. AJradio

    [REQ][200 Creds]Install Cash mod and Store mod on PHPBB

    Im trying to get a good cash mod and a good store mod. I'm too lazy and incompetant to do it. HELP!
  12. AJradio

    Link Exchange -=- Internet Radio/Music

    Hi, I DESPERATELY need people for my site PM me and we will discuss terms..
  13. AJradio

    Avant Browser 11.7

    Avant Browser 11.7 is a well-thought out, highly useable, browser. Agh, why did I just say that? What ever, The point is Avant 11.7 is pretty much IE, but more features like ONLINE STORAGE. By online storage, I mean you make an account for FREE with avant, and you can store your cookies...
  14. AJradio

    Ads on B2 and osTicket?

    Hi, I'm probably going to need to upgrade to ad-enhanced hosting pretty soon because i'm running REALLY low on reasources, (1 more email box, no more Databases, 50 more MB of storage, no more subdomains) Can someone help me add my code to osTicket or B2evolution (or better yet, both)...
  15. AJradio

    /anything will not work

    Hi, I'm kinda new to this X10 thing, so I'm gonna try this. i go to my site, and the index.htm loads right. I go to /forum (which I know exists) and it gives me the X10 404 error page. I tried /blog and /help, and the same thing happens. I went to my Public_html in...
  16. AJradio

    FTP Access

    hi, Im new to Webhosting, well, not really, just haven't had Direct FTP in a LONG time. I was wondering. I want to put a .asx file up for download on the site so people can listen to me and my friend's radio stream. I put it in my Public_FTP, incoming folder. I went to it as...