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  1. jmixmaster29

    Any Tips on how to make Wordpress run faster for Free Hosting?

    Okay, well does anyone have any suggestions for a blogging software that may run better than wordpress?
  2. jmixmaster29

    Any Tips on how to make Wordpress run faster for Free Hosting?

    I am currently using the free hosting, and while I only have a few plugins (that do relatively small things), it seems like it takes a long time to load. I haven't even finished the style yet or done any content, I have just installed Wordpress yesterday. I am using Pingdom Tools Full Page...
  3. jmixmaster29

    If IE Redirect

    Some of my elements on my site don't with with IE8 and below, so I was wondering if you could do this. I would want it to redirect the page to an "/outdated.html" page that would give links for them to upgrade. After a little bit of research, I found this: <!--[if IE 6]> <meta...
  4. jmixmaster29

    Review My Theme

    Thank you! I was thinking about maybe moving the logo into the middle of the header, rather than moving the navbar and stuff. Thank you for your comments! The rounding of edges is there and works in the latest version of IE/Chrome/FireFox/Safari. I suppose you must be using an older browser...
  5. jmixmaster29

    Review My Theme

    I just completely finished the design of my site. I really like it! :D I took a theme (for Wordpress) that I got and made some big changes, including the addition of four footer sidebars, and many style changes. I think the color scheme of Dark Grey/Blue/White gives it a very crisp and modern...
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    I'd Like To Know What You Think

    Anyone? D:
  7. jmixmaster29

    Can't Remove Email

    Thank you! It worked perfectly.
  8. jmixmaster29

    I'd Like To Know What You Think

    Thanks for the links! I have started to add posts and other information to the site. I also changed the text in the sidebar and navbar to be Small Caps. Be sure to check it out and then give me some more feedback!
  9. jmixmaster29

    Can't Remove Email

    I created an email for my website when I had it as a domain, and changed the domain to and haven't been able to remove the email, it says the account does not exist, but It still counts towards my three emails and is still showing up. Screenshot:
  10. jmixmaster29

    I'd Like To Know What You Think

    Thank you both for replying back, and the tips you have given thus far. I plan to be adding more posts and stuff (like I said i'm not completely ready for launch yet). I'm thinking about changing the selling of templates, to posting them for free, but users have to fill out a survey (ala...
  11. jmixmaster29

    Nice way to earn BIG !!!

    This seems quite nice, and after looking at reviews, seems legit and worthwhile. The only concern I would have is that it could turn people away. Will definitely be signing up once I get my site up and running!
  12. jmixmaster29

    I'd Like To Know What You Think

    My site's not quite ready for launch yet, as I still need to put some more information and stuff up. But for the most part its done. I'd like to know what you think! It's based off wordpress with a slightly edited theme that I found that I edited. I'm going to be...
  13. jmixmaster29

    [Wordpress] Adding a Border Around the Main Area

    I am trying to add a CSS border around my site (which is using Wordpress) to create a break-way between the main website block and the background color. I am still quite new to HTML/CSS but I do know how to read it and what most of it does. I wrote this style for the border: #border{...
  14. jmixmaster29

    Server Speeds

    Oh okay. I hope the MySQL thing gets fixed soon!
  15. jmixmaster29

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I use x10hosting to run Wordpress which I am going to use in combination with the Ecwid Store plugin to create a store to sell custom made PowerPoint templates that I make :D
  16. jmixmaster29

    Post your specs

    17" or 19" LCD Monitor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz 1GB of RAM Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family (Graphics) Windows 7 Professional I think thats pretty good for being almost 4 years old ;)
  17. jmixmaster29

    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    I like Wordpress. It is simple to use, has hundreds of thousands of plugins, and there are many themes for it. If you can find a good theme that you like, and have some VERY basic HTML/CSS knowledge, you can make your WP installation look custom.
  18. jmixmaster29

    Which Is Your Favourite Web Browser?

    Google Chrome all the way. All other browsers including IE and FF suck up all of my resources and overall have an extremely slow performance. In Chrome the UI is very responsive, and pages load significantly faster.
  19. jmixmaster29

    Server Speeds

    Right now the server speed for my site ( is amazing, everything loads almost instantaneously. I wish it was this fast all the time, which unfortunately it is not. :frown: Most other times it takes 1-3 minutes just for my front page to load, and sometimes it just times out...