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  1. jmixmaster29

    Any Tips on how to make Wordpress run faster for Free Hosting?

    I am currently using the free hosting, and while I only have a few plugins (that do relatively small things), it seems like it takes a long time to load. I haven't even finished the style yet or done any content, I have just installed Wordpress yesterday. I am using Pingdom Tools Full Page...
  2. jmixmaster29

    If IE Redirect

    Some of my elements on my site don't with with IE8 and below, so I was wondering if you could do this. I would want it to redirect the page to an "/outdated.html" page that would give links for them to upgrade. After a little bit of research, I found this: <!--[if IE 6]> <meta...
  3. jmixmaster29

    Review My Theme

    I just completely finished the design of my site. I really like it! :D I took a theme (for Wordpress) that I got and made some big changes, including the addition of four footer sidebars, and many style changes. I think the color scheme of Dark Grey/Blue/White gives it a very crisp and modern...
  4. jmixmaster29

    Can't Remove Email

    I created an email for my website when I had it as a domain, and changed the domain to and haven't been able to remove the email, it says the account does not exist, but It still counts towards my three emails and is still showing up. Screenshot:
  5. jmixmaster29

    I'd Like To Know What You Think

    My site's not quite ready for launch yet, as I still need to put some more information and stuff up. But for the most part its done. I'd like to know what you think! It's based off wordpress with a slightly edited theme that I found that I edited. I'm going to be...
  6. jmixmaster29

    [Wordpress] Adding a Border Around the Main Area

    I am trying to add a CSS border around my site (which is using Wordpress) to create a break-way between the main website block and the background color. I am still quite new to HTML/CSS but I do know how to read it and what most of it does. I wrote this style for the border: #border{...
  7. jmixmaster29

    Server Speeds

    Right now the server speed for my site ( is amazing, everything loads almost instantaneously. I wish it was this fast all the time, which unfortunately it is not. :frown: Most other times it takes 1-3 minutes just for my front page to load, and sometimes it just times out...
  8. jmixmaster29

    Chopin Server is Extremely Slow

    Just as dk2000zx12 posted a few minutes ago, the Chopin server is being very, very, very slow. It's so slow that I time out and get "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.". It's extremely annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  9. jmixmaster29

    I need to be unsuspended again...

    High resource usage again... sigh. Can I please be unsuspended again?
  10. jmixmaster29

    I think my htaccess file got deleted...

    I installed W3 Total Cache on my Wordpress installation to try and prevent my account from being suspended again due to high resource usage. As per its instructions I needed to change permissions on my .htaccess file to enable browser caching on users browsers. I went into filezilla to do it...
  11. jmixmaster29

    Can I get unsuspended?

    Gah, I feel like a doofus for being suspended for installing a wordpress plugin. :P But, can I be unsuspended? Why I was suspended: I don't see the unsuspend button like I did with the first suspension (for automatically updating Wordpress).
  12. jmixmaster29

    Will It Cause a Problem...

    Will it cause a problem if I move the "cgi-bin" folder into another folder called "other"? I am going to install wordpress, and I don't want to accidently delete the cgi-bin if for some reason I have to delete its files.
  13. jmixmaster29

    Site Takes forever to load

    I just joined yesterday with the free hosting plan. I am trying to work on the site but it is taking absolutely forever to load. I have wordpress installed on the domain. Other than the loading issue, I am absolutely loving x10 hosting! Its not the hosting, it's my connection! Sorry! Closing now!