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    Please delete my hosting account.

    I thank you for your free service that has been fantastic. Checking with pingdom I got 98% uptime, and that is amazing. But I have not been developing my site for months (it was a hobby that all of a sudden died), so I would like to have my hosting account removed. I have backed up my files, so...
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    Suspended for "Currently under a spambot attack"

    Currently under a spambot attack, give 24-48hr to resolve the spam if they request it. I don't know what this is or means. But if I can have what it means explained to me, perhaps we can fix it :). Also, whatever it is, very sorry.
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    Un-suspension request

    Hey there, I took up too much bandwidth when trying to implement a forum. Is there anyway I could get my account un-suspended please? Thanks :smile:
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    Please review my gaming website

    I have a flash arcade here that I am currently developing. Probably about 80% done... But I could be forgetting stuff... Anyways, if you could give me tips and such, I would be really grateful. Games of Greatness Oh, and there are a few css errors, just stay away from IE, and it will be...
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    1Gb flash arcade restriction

    I am still working on my website and adding games and such, but I should probably ask before my site gets any popularity and stuff. That 1 GB limit, does that apply when I switch to paid hosting as well? Or is it all find and dandy?
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    Anyone else having trouble with the human verification?

    I must say, I can't see most of them. Edit: Surprisingly, I got this one on the first go.
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    Well hi

    Hi there, my names Kevin, and I hope to be making a website for fun in the near future. This web host seems like the best one out there, therefore (does the word have an e at the end or not?), I shall use it. I hope to be a good part of the community, as from the small glimpses I have seen, it...