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  1. jdw999

    Perl version on free host?

    I posted this question in the free hosting forum, and evidently there are no Perl programmers online just now. Or something. Anyhow, I want to write some CGI scripts in Perl on my local machine for development before I upload to the X10 server. To get my local environment set up, I would like...
  2. jdw999

    Perl version?

    I am wanting to set up a server on a local machine that more or less replicates the X10 environment, so that I can develop locally before uploading to X10. CPanel used to display the installed version of Perl. I managed to find a link that displays the installed modules, but nothing that shows...
  3. jdw999

    Free hosting signup issues

    A friend of mine, to whom I recommended X10 as a free Web host, signed up a week ago and was given an estimated wait time of 5127 minutes--about five days. How long are people actually waiting? Are they getting confirmation emails? Are there any new free account holders out there who can tell...
  4. jdw999

    FTP problem: Too many connections from this IP

    So, I connect to my Web site via FileZilla and try to upload an mp4 and it takes quite a long time, it seems. Then, FileZilla seems to come to a complete stop. I break the connection and try again, only to get this "Delaying connection due to previous failed connection attempt". Anybody else...
  5. jdw999

    Repost:, email, Cpanel down

    Mail server is refusing connection, cannot see the Web site, cannot log in to CPanel, and now the forums ate my first post. Any idea how long until all this is straightened out?
  6. jdw999

    Cannot log on to CPanel, Web site down, email connection refused

    My entire X10 Hosting setup is unavailable as of 11:06 a.m. CDT, Saturday, Aug. 23. Is this caused by the upgrades?
  7. jdw999

    CGI email furnished for free hosting

    I logged into CPanel and was poking around to see what was what. I already have a CGI Perl script for email, but noticed there is an executable in my cgi-bin that is linked to from the CPanel->CGI Center->CGIEmail link. The link target is the following URL...
  8. jdw999

    CGI Perl email form 500 error

    I uploaded a forms page, success page, and the FormMail cgi script from the following url: The form on this page: pointed at my version of the script (the only changes are the values for the...
  9. jdw999

    Permissions without Web Disk

    I have ftp access using Nautilus on Linux. How can I change permissions on a file in my cgi-bin directory? Web Disk does not work for me, for some reason.
  10. jdw999

    Nautilus and Web Disk on Ubuntu Feisty

    I have been able to access my public_html folder just fine using Nautilus ftp with login. I wanted to run a simple CGI Perl script, so I uploaded it and it did not run. Obviously, the first thing to check is permissions. Modified the Nautilus prefs to display permissions, but it says, "unknown"...
  11. jdw999


    Just setting up a LAMP server to ... um ... learn how to set up a LAMP server. Not much else to say about it really. Except that I am baffled as to why my site won't show up. Looks like Apache is dead for my site, but...? Clues would be appreciated.
  12. jdw999

    Greetings from Austin, Texas

    Heard about X10hosting from the Ubuntu user forums. They have not steered me wrong yet, so here I am. I have been paying for hosted service for several years now using my web site to advertise my (small) business. The income from the business the last year does not justify the expense. I am a...