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  1. whizynix02

    Drupal experts

    Hello everyone. I am about to develop a drupal cms website. Can I ask for some help in building a drupal site. The site is like a Portal for all clients. And for me this would be a very good learning experience on drupal cms.. Does anyone have a ebook or pdf that i can download and be my guide...
  2. whizynix02

    Thanks to the Support team

    Hello Team Support of x10. Thank you for that quick action about my concern. I can see my site now and i can access my cpanel. Thank you again.
  3. whizynix02

    Suspension Question / Help

    Hello, I would like to ask how could i activate again my free site? It says there that I'm being suspended. I could not see any button to activate again my free site. Please help. This is the Suspension Report I received. Thank you in advance for advices...
  4. whizynix02


    hello everyone.. i would like to ask why can't i see my site I can't log also in my cpanel. But my account is still alive.. Thanks in advance for advices.
  5. whizynix02

    SEO Question

    Hi everyone! If i put this meta tags below, how long would it take google to put my site on the second page? <TITLE>MYWEBSITENAME</TITLE> <META NAME="author" CONTENT="MYWEBSITENAME"> <META NAME="subject" CONTENT="TOPICS ABOUT MY SITE"> <META NAME="Description" CONTENT=" DESCRIPTION OF MY SITE">...
  6. whizynix02

    Flash Waterfalls help....

    Hello everyone. I am make a waterfalls effect in flash.. but i can't do it correctly... i have browse some sites but still not enough... Can somebody give link's to a tutorial or script for a waterfalls effect/water effect. I have a sample link here of a waterfalls effect but it is a FLV...
  7. whizynix02

    ASP help in creating a contact form

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask some help in coding ASP to create a contact form. The fields are as follow: • Prefix (mr, ms. mrs) [drop down] • Name (firstname, MI, lastname) [textbox] • Email [textbox] • Message [textarea] •Submit [button] •Reset[button] A sample...
  8. whizynix02

    Deleted files on WWW

    Hello everyone. I forgot that "www folder" has files on it like _private, _cgi and etc.. What could be the effect of it on my website?
  9. whizynix02

    Form Validation Using PHP.. Help

    Hello every one.. I need a contact us form that has a validation for: empty values numbers only input length email address strip html tags enable and disable a field when i click a radio botton i've encoded some of it but i seems that it does not jive together. hmm like my email validation...
  10. whizynix02

    Flipping Card effect help

    hello.. i need some help for my coding.. i need a flipping card effect like, when a user click on my card it will show its back content and vise verse.. eg. like in postcards... the front shows the photo then when clicked it shows the content of the back... anyone?? please help.. thanks...
  11. whizynix02

    Scroll bar help (PHP)

    hello.. i'm makiing a scroll bar using php script.. i put this codes on my style.css and on my homepage.php Q: how can i make the look of the scroll bar different... ??:dunno: e.g. : like 2 arrows on the bottom then when i put the mouse pointer on the arrow, it will automatically go up or...
  12. whizynix02

    about x10rewards -- domain

    hello... i am interested with the domain part... how can i gain that.. • is $10000 == to 10000 credits? • Quantity = 10 : what do this mean... do i have 10 points? or the quantity must be equal to the price(in credits). thanks in advance to those who will reply...:biggrin:
  13. whizynix02

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start] ????

    Hello everyone... This morning when i log in to the forum i got this error on the top portion of my page... **************** Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_71057d3a1c7ccd7f68f6a09944ca3fd0, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in [path]/index.php on line...
  14. whizynix02

    PHP Contact form prob.

    Hello every one, is there any one know how could i prevent my emails from a contact form to be placed in spam of yahoo. it always go to the spam instead on the inbox. thanks in advance.
  15. whizynix02

    ASP Problem..

    Hello.. i have a problem with may ASP... x10hosting supports ASP ... But when i upload my ASP page and view it, it display the codes not the actual page... did i missed something... Asking for some advice... thank you in advance..
  16. whizynix02

    ASP Problem

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and i'm glad i'm in. I read that this hosting supports .. i upload an asp and when i try to browse on my site it display my files.. what do i missed. thanks for the help in advance..