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  1. sourfacedcyclop

    Thoughts on portfolio...

    I made my portfolio about a year, year and a half ago and wanted thoughts on it. I just want to make sure it still seems fresh and appealing. Not a ton of content or examples of work, but I haven't had many web design jobs so, nothing I can do about that I suppose. Please leave your opinions...
  2. sourfacedcyclop

    Zune Web Apps (Kinda)

    I made a homepage for my ZuneHD so I could access some information quickly and use some basic things the Zune has no native apps for. If anyone has a ZuneHD or just wants to give their thoughts I would appreciate it. You'll have to make an account to see everything though, sorry...
  3. sourfacedcyclop

    Computer(ish) graphics

    I was going through my computer files and found a bunch of old graphics a made that I thought I would share. Their not the greatest, but I thought they were pretty neat. Anyone can use them, though if ya do, please reply in the thread and show what you made :) I can provide the GIMP file if...
  4. sourfacedcyclop

    Review my blog please...

    Okay, it has been a LONG time since I've done a web project, and I wanted some opinions on my newest blog design. A couple of things to keep in mind, it's not meant to be very serious, just a place to put some thoughts as they come to me. Also, a couple of things seem to be broken with Chrome...
  5. sourfacedcyclop

    Blog Theme Feedback

    I just finished my new blog theme after my old wordpress install was hacked :frown: Anyway, thought I would look for some feedback on it. There isn't any content on it yet, looking for opinions bases purely on the design.
  6. sourfacedcyclop

    Portfilio Take Two

    Okay, the second (and probably not last) version of my portfolio. Most of the content is absent, I just would like some feed back on the design.
  7. sourfacedcyclop

    Feedback on wordpress template

    Okay, I decided to fully code a wordpress template from scratch and I wanted to get some opinions on it before I release it for download on my site.
  8. sourfacedcyclop

    Review new portfolio design.

    I make my first attempt at making a portfolio. Not sure if its any good, but its a decent first attempt I think, what do you think? Note, just review the design please, content is not yet up.
  9. sourfacedcyclop

    Review new portfolio design.

    Well, this is the first time I have ever made a portfolio, so I really have no idea what to make it look like, how it it? All comments are welcome.
  10. sourfacedcyclop

    Making a website template in GIMP

    Well I made my first GIMP tutorial, may have been a bit to ambitious, but I think it turned out decent. The tutorial shows you how to make a website layout, color scheme is pretty dark, but I think it looks good. What do you think?
  11. sourfacedcyclop

    Content Layout Advice...

    I'm don't know if I am really happy with the way I've arranged the content in my site. Does anyone here have any advice on how to make it look better?
  12. sourfacedcyclop

    New site look.

    The redesign of my site. I am just looking for reviews on the overall look, because there are still a few things I need to work on. IE7 has a couple problems so I hope you use FF :) Link is in Sig...
  13. sourfacedcyclop

    New site layout

    I just (nearly) finished my new site layout. There are a couple of things I need to fix in IE :rolleyes:, but most of it is finished. Any input is appreciated, content is close to nil, so just input on the layout I guess.
  14. sourfacedcyclop

    Swich to paid hosting

    How exactly would I go about switching to paid hosting, is it possible to do it while saving all of my data?
  15. sourfacedcyclop

    New Website

    Well once again I have made another web design for my site. On the bright side, i've been getting a lot of practice...:biggrin:. What do you think? There is no content, so please review on just the site.
  16. sourfacedcyclop

    New site design

    Well I seem utterly incapable of actually sticking to one layout and have made another one for my site. What do you think? I am aware there is close to nothing in it, and am still thinking of what to put in it (suggestions would be more than welcome :) ). Hope you review, though knowing me it...
  17. sourfacedcyclop

    Vista style interface.

    Well I wanted to try to make a vista style web design and think I at least partially succeeded. There are some kinks I still need to straighten out and things I want to add but the main design is complete. What do you think? Good, okay, completely hopeless and terrible...
  18. sourfacedcyclop

    New site layout.

    Well, I'm never satisfied with my site layout so its always changed. I think I finally got one I like though and was hoping for some reviews. There is really no content on it yet and its going to just be a personal site.
  19. sourfacedcyclop

    New Layout

    Wasn't sure if this should have gone in the review website sections, but given that its only a layout with no content, I guess this is the better place. Looking for feedback on the site, if their are any errors, ways to improve etc..
  20. sourfacedcyclop

    Account Question.

    I have an account here, and my mom wants to make a site for her daycare business. She wants me to make and manage the site, is that against any rules?