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    I am quitting X10

    I don't have a hosting account anymore so i do not need the forum account anymore. The next person to post here except for Fahad or Vigge Swe gets my credits.
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    [OFF][50]Advertise? No need now!

    Ever get tired of advertising everywhere? Nows the end to that! I shall advertise for you! Email me whatever you need to advertise at and send me fifty credits per website/forum you want me to advertise it on. But post here first or it is void. If you have any other...
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    100000 green bottles sitting on the wall

    try to count down to 0 green bottles, you can't do 2 in a row but you can if somebody is inbetween you. 100000 green bottles sitting on a wall. 100000 green bottles sitting on a wall. and if 1 plastic bottle was to accidently fall there will be 99999 sitting on a wall
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    Let's all right a story

    I'll start off with a sentence of the story, and we'll all continue. Do not end the story though. Ali was walking his pet monkey Bob in the park, when Bob ran down an open manhole. Sighing, Ali went after him.
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    Bleach Quiz

    The first person to answer all of the following correctly, will receive all my credits (lame, I know), and an ad on my site and forum (still starting up). 1:What does Kurusaki Ichigo say when he uses his Bankai? 2:What language is Bleach in? 3:Who sings Thank you? 4:What does Rukia say...
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    New Nintendo DS

    What do you thing of the new nintendo ds call the DSI they're releasing? It has two cameras one on the inside one on the outside both 0.3 megapixels. It will have a SD card slot and improved speakers. It shall look like a DS Lite but be twelve percent thinner than the DS Lite and the Screen...
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    Sig,graphics and avatars shop (recruiting)

    Hello I am starting a graphics,avatar and sig shop rival to Fahadsadah which is recruiting.The money that I make will be split into half (depends how many people).PM for jobs.offer for price of sigs Thanks for reading
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    Credit raffle 2 credits per ticket the draw ends at March 5TH. Winner chosen by Thanks for reading and good luck!
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    Linux VS Windows

    Whats better Linux or Windows? For the sake of simplicity, include any Posix compliant as Linux.
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    Worlds Worst Games (On Any Console)

    Hi everybody, Do you know any of the worlds worst game.If you do please post them. P.S Please enter console as well:biggrin:
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    Post your worst injuries

    Post your worst injuries below. I'll start off - I've broken my wrist and i've banged my head on a gate,it needed 6 stiches
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    I'm new

    Hi, I'm new to x10hosting, and I run a flyff forum!