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  1. AngusThermopyle

    There's Money in Minecraft

    Persson, creator of Minecraft, buys a $70M house
  2. AngusThermopyle


    1. I am suddenly getting redirected to the defaultwebpage.cgi when I try to go to my domain. When I try to go to an interior page that I know is there , I get a cPanel (orange and blue) 404 page. I did not change domain name or anything like that. Could you please fix this issue. Less...
  3. AngusThermopyle

    Chopin MySQL and something new

    Suddenly got Connection errors on my Joomla site. Access to PHPMyAdmin fine. Tried everything upto and including deleting user and recreating/attaching user to database and no luck. Now site gives The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later...
  4. AngusThermopyle

    A test thread

    This is only a test.
  5. AngusThermopyle

    Chopin MySQL Down Again

    I do not need unmetered bandwidth or disk space. I just need a database that doesn't go offline once a week. Any idea when this current problem will be resoved?
  6. AngusThermopyle

    Double Everything Packages...

    Currently Double Space & Bandwidth costs $2.95 Double Everything costs $4.95 So doubling emails, databases, etc costs an additional $2.00 What happens when you go to 'unmetered' space and bandwidth? Clearly the first package is useless. The second package only gives half the...
  7. AngusThermopyle

    Trying to view my Profile

    Minor glitch. When I click on my name or on the "My Profile" link at the top of the page, the system looks up the user "c-solomon" and says he is not registered. The link should be