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  1. burner35

    YouTube announces 1080p Streaming!

    Great news for YouTube then. Although I'm not much of a YouTubian myself, this will be great for others.
  2. burner35

    How much is this laptop worth?

    I've got 3 Laptops (2 Sony's and 1 Dell) and a Mac book. If your going to buy a laptop, be very picky on what you want it for, e.g; HardCore gaming, software engineering and multimedia. You will also want to find out what is the best and what advantages it holds over each ;)
  3. burner35

    Is Google a "She" or a "He"?

    Google for all we know it could be a Tranny ... :D
  4. burner35

    Logical Fallacies and Constructing a Good Argument

    Re: How to construct a good argument Now that's a logical argument. :D Your hints and tips have proven how an argument can be more logical and very interesting. :P
  5. burner35

    Mac OS X vs Vista

    My choice must be left with either :D Mac for Adobe software, hardcore gaming for the vista machines. :D If you want a mac for its looks instead of it's features, I strongly suggest you re-think that ;)
  6. burner35

    What do you think?

    Very basic, simple navigation. Nothing out of the way for a gaming community :) Like the colours, excellent choice on the different types of variations :) Nice!
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    What problems is Absolut having?

    Hamsn, be very patient. I and x10 staff know that Absolut is/was having problems. With all the servers they own/run, it's a difficult job to help maintain them. But do be patient, and one of the X10 Admins will get to your support ticket ;)
  8. burner35

    What is the best and easiest webdesign software?

    There are too many webdesign tools out there (free and paid). DW CS4, I find the most easiest webdesign tool out there, but with the cost involved, your really getting your moneys worth. :) Going to agree with leviathon on that one ;)
  9. burner35

    New Site

    Great work guys! Very sexy! :D
  10. burner35

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I don't know why you people download there software when it's at BETA stages! :o They are so damn buggy, you'll end up getting 50% of the good stuff and 50% bugs XD I won't get until they confirm all bugs are fixed :)
  11. burner35

    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    Bah no way does oblivion have great graphics, Fallout 3 has the best graphics :) Bethesda in someway, make there games glitch. I jump from one point to another just like that ^^. But both are fantastic games and there should be an Oblivion 2. :)
  12. burner35

    Sony Japan to close factories. Playstation division may be in trouble.

    Ahh the downfall of the PS3, what a classic :D
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    Gimp vs photoshop

    Photoshop CS4, offers more flexibility and options. I've tried Gimp and still use it, but if I prefer to do advanced graphics, I use CS4. Gimp I would only use for basic logos and so on.
  15. burner35

    Home Network Setup Ideas?

    My dad has a home network, a mix wireless and wired. Occasional drop outs, good working NetGEAR software and products. :D It's easier than you might think, I suggest you do turn the XP/Vista machine into a server. ;) Use 2003, getting the 2008 demos suck and they require loads of power and lots...
  16. burner35

    ATI or Nvidia Graphics Card?

    Nvidia is the way to go, ATI hasn't got the kick like Nvidia. I am running 2 Nvidia EVGA GeForce 9800 GX2. I have also got the 3D stereo software running on it, and boy is it the smoothest and far greatest experience I have had with Nvidia! :D
  17. burner35

    Mac or PC

    Windows Vista easy. Macs for one have barley any playable games (to my knowledge). Second, there software is horrible. Thirdly, my Adobe software runs horrible on my Mac, runs way faster on windows.
  18. burner35

    Which touchscreen phone would you go for?

    Nokia for me, iPhones are a pathetic waste of money.
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    Maybe edit your session file, edit some variables and try do what Brandon has done :)
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    point domain to x10hosting

    That's because it hasn't propagated yet. ;)